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Isn't the shockwave Flash file, outdated?

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The idea around the shockwave flash file was, file size. But, considering some of the codecs out there today.

Like x264.
I'm generating smaller file sizes, with better quality.

Loop Insert .zip

Loop Insert 2.zip

The Loop Insert .zip is the shockwave file.
Extract the Loop insert folder, to your desktop. Double click on the folder, and double-click on the HTML file.

The Loop Insert 2 .zip is the x264 encoded file.
On my XP machine, I don't even have to extract it. And it plays fine.

Both are recorded at 12 80 x 7 20. Best viewed in full screen.

Makes me wonder why?
I'd like to hear some responses on this.


  • You don't have to convince me! But that is kept there for folks who want to use Flash video in tutorials they bundle on a CD or DVD, for instance, which is still a somewhat valid use if that is the player software they have to playback the content. I often find zipped collections of video tutorials out there that use older copies of JW Player, for instance. Xvid and x264 are the two rockers lately, with x264 being the current darling of the airwaves. :-)

  • I was wondering if anybody used it. Considering how many answers I got, I have to say not many.
    I was thinking that developers might be trying to keep people on their site.

    But I agree, the x264 is an excellent codec.
  • Anyone really needing the features that a flash player can offer could do far better with other flash encoders out there than with this quite rudimentary one built into CamStudio, but it is there as a convenience for people who want a one-stop-shop to just knock a flash video out. I'd personally use another converter/encoder!

  • That's Interesting. I only know of one flash video encoder.
    I thought the flash video encoder was owned by Adobe?

    Can you supply me a link, so I can find out some more information on it?
    Some developers like to keep traffic on their site.
  • edited February 2013
    Sure! My current fave is this one, and it is free.


    "MediaCoder Web Video Edition is a dedicated edition of MediaCoder designed specially for high quality encoding to popular web video formats, including Flash Video (H.264 or H.263), OpenVideo (VP8) and MP4 formats. These formats are widely used in in-browser video playback. The software is delivered with all the transcoding parameters highly optimized while user interface simplified."

    Note it also does MP4 - see my website about a caveat with that, though. It also will process entire folders in a batch mode.


    Make sure you set the profile (via the "Settings" button) to "Baseline" or it will have problems with Windows Media Player (at least mine did...)


  • I'll have to take a closer look at this.
    I keep coming up with a error 15, during transcoding.
    I think it's because I don't use audio.

    There are a couple of things that I see interesting with this.
    Like the debug frame server. I was looking at the frame server in virtual Dub,
    but it was quite complicated.
    Also I see you can add a capture device.
    But it's grayed out. I wonder if that's for the premium version?

    I'll have to take a few days and look at this.
    By the looks of it though, it could work out very nicely. Thanks!
  • Hi Terry,
    I had a little bit of time to check things out little closer today.
    I'm still having that error 15 code. I run the setup wizards, made sure baseline was checked for the profile. And for the audio, I checked no audio.

    I tried a few things, and still no luck.

    As far as the capture device. They were talking about an external capture device.
    I was hoping for a screen capture directly into the program.

    The frame server plug-in, is probably the easiest one I've seen. But it only works with a handful of nonlinear editors.

    Debugmode Frameserver

    I thought this idea by: Giulio was a good idea.
    What ever happened to it?
  • I've never captured directly into MediaCoder, and didn't even know it was offered as an option. I only use it to convert existing videos, usually made with Xvid as the initial codec.

    I won't have time to mess with that until the latter part of the week (preparing for a bunch of courses I'm presenting...) but this sounds interesting!

  • Hi Terry,

    Yeah, I don't know why it's grayed out. But from what I found out on the Media coder site. It's for a capture device that connects to a web cam or video camera.

    I tried to add a image file through File/add sequence. Found out that option isn't working yet. It only does one image at a time.
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