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CamStudio 2.7 End-to-End Tutorial and Review videos
  • Here is a complete tutorial, from downloading through making the right settings to hitting the record button.

    Let me know if I left anything out - I can add stuff through annotations or re-do the video at another time.

    Also, I just uploaded a review and short tutorial to YouTube. Let me know if I left anything out that you need answered.


  • I would like to say THANK YOU very much for taking the time to make this videos to help ME learn & others. I love all of your videos Best CamStudio Videos EVER!!!

    :-D :-))
  • Thanks for that! Always room for improvement, of course. (like, I forgot to mention only to get 32-bit codecs in the tutorial... I'll add an annotation!)

  • Great job, Terry. Haven't been to the site in a while, was pleasantly surprised to see a new version out. Love the improvements, it's much, much more stable, at least from what I've been experiencing in the past.

    Thanks for the great work you guys are doing.

    On a side note, was watching one of your tutorials and I kept thinking, that island in the middle of a lake in your wallpaper, looks kinda familiar. Minutes pass. Might that be lake Bled? Went googling for some images and, indeed, it is lake Bled. Was such a random thing to happen, to see it in your video all of a sudden and almost missing it, since it's only about an hour away from where I live. Haven't been there in some time, though.

    See ya.
  • Heh... Bing Desktop decided on that as pic of the day, that's all! :-)

    An even odder coincidence, eh?!

  • Hi, thanks a lot for the great application. I am trying to record a tutorial of a colleague who has retired already...he is explaining some complicated calculations in Excel...
    I tried three recordings, two went bad as the mic setting of my laptop were wrong. It was set to focus on one voice only..so my silly questions were recorded, and his answers were not...
    I corrected this problem, now after 20 mins of precious recording, I got the error "could not save Avi, failed to save Avi or some such...
    Could you please advise some fail safe settings...codecs, whatever, audio quality settings..I use record from microphone, of course.
    The video quality is not essential. I just need to see the Excel cells and hear what he said...
    I am doing all this in free time..on my own laptop, I have no admin rights on my work computer, could not install anyghing on it.
    Would be grateful for advice, thanks. This is very important...this guy is not going to repeat his stuff ten times...thanks a lot
  • well, did you take a moment to actually watch either of the videos listed above? They answer all of your questions and give guidelines for achieving good recordings with compression that allows longer recordings. (You are limited to a 2-gigabyte file size, and that includes the audio... so better compression than Lossless provides is needed to record 20 minutes. Use Xvid or x.264)

  • I did, maybe I missed something. Also I had the previous version, 2.6
  • You probably missed the part about using Xvid I have in there. I get pretty long recordings (up to 3 hours) using that compressor and capturing frames every 100 ms with playback at 10. You needn't be as drastic to capture an hour - Xvid plus capturing frames every 40 with playback rate set to 25 should serve you just fine.

  • Hello folks, long time no post BUT still a user of the great Cam Studio! I am having a problem tho, so a quick question if I may....

    Is there anywhere else to view the full length 40min Cam Studio 2.7 How-To Tutorial? I have been trying on boo-tube for over 2 weeks, 3-6 times a day, and just keep getting errors. The short one plays fine, just the long one....

    And yes, I know all the setting tricks, update blah blah, different system, etc yada yada.....but no go. Every other video you have made Terry plays fine, just not the long one....with all the good info of course! LOL
  • That's extremely odd that YouTube won't play that video for you! Does it work with other long videos? Is your hard-drive almost full so it cannot cache it? Perhaps try clearing your cache or trying a different browser.

    Crazy stuff! Good to hear from you again, though! :-)

  • Hey Terry,
    To answer your questions..

    1. Yes, I just now got thru watching a 1 hour 48min doc on BooTube, no problems. Just tried yours again, error...

    2. Over 70% free on the HDD, just did a "nuke & pave" this week...

    3. I clean the cache every day on all systems

    4. IE, Firefox, Chrome, and even the old iBook & Android tablet...wired, wireless,no go, it just will not play for me! LOL I even swapped out my router last night with my spare, different brand, different cables...no go

    I guess I will keep at it tho, I would really like to see it! LOL

    And Thanks for the welcome back, I'm glad I decided to check up on Cam after the last project. Thank You for all the hard work, it IS appreciated!

  • Smurf,

    Where does the video stop? (Or does it just not play at all?)

    FOR YOU :-) I uploaded the video to my other site. It doesn't have the annotations, though. Those are done at YouTube.

    http://screencasttutorial/CamStudio 2.7 How-To Tutorial.mp4

  • Two things to try when a video won’t play:

    1. See if you can download and play frm your hard drive, using one of your own media players.

    2. Open the page where the video is, then right click anyplace that isn’t a link and choose “view page info”. Copy and paste the various version links into a new browser window, until you get one that works. (This for Firefox).

    Looks to me like the file version on this particular video requires Flash, and your Adobe Flash player might be getting forced away from port 80, which will get an error code.

  • Incredibly, the CamStudio 2.7 How-To Tutorial video just surpassed 500,000 (half a million!) views as of last week! That is simply amazing.


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