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MSVCR100.DLL missing
  • I downloaded Cam Studio 2.7. My OS is Win7 SP1 x 64. I get the error the MSVCR100.dll is missing. After reading some of the others with this same problem I have reinstalled Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable dll still get the same error. I also confirmed NetFramework 2.0 was installed without any problems. I can find the MSVCR100.dll in Windows\System 32 directory. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.
  • How odd.
    Now, you MAY need the 32-bit (x86) libraries, I'm not certain. Could you check on that? Here is the download link for that.


    Or you may only need the SP1 version here:


    Let me know if those fix the situation.

  • Thanks for all of your help Terry the x86 one did the trick.
  • That's really good news! Thanks for verifying that for me - I've never been absolutely certain about that one, since I've always just installed both and never tested with only one or the other present.


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