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Unable to open video file ERROR
  • Hi Nick,Hope you are doing good and thanx a lot for your free product.

    I m using Windows Vista Home Edition on Laptop.I have installed CAMSTUDIO with coded.I m having a problem while recording a video.

    I m recording video to AVI format and whenever i say SAVE,It automatically throws an error "UNABLE TO OPEN VIDEO FILE" and ii i say OK,it gives a message saying that (C:\USERS\DELL\DESKTOP\1.AVI) WAS NOT FOUND.

    I have searched for the solution and it says that I need to make changes at hardware acceleration to NONE,but the option has been disabled by my Operating system and I couldnt find any solution to enable that.

    DELL Vostro 1400 Model
    I m using NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS as Display Adapter.

    Your help would be highly appreciated.

    Have a nice weekend