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CamStudio Not Recording Other Person's Audio On Skype
  • I used CamStudio the other day to try and record an online video/audio conversation I was having with Skype. When I played back the recording, the video showed what I was seeing on Skype (my video image and the other person's video image) as well as my audio. However, it did not record the other person's audio. Anyone have any suggestions as to what settings I need to change?

    Here is my current set up:
    -Using Windows Xp

    CamStudio Settings
    Region - Full Screen
    Options - Check mark next to "Record Audio from Microphone"
    --Video Options --
    Compressor - Divx 6.8.5 codec
    Quality -81
    Set Key Frames Every "30" Seconds
    Framerates - Capture every 33 milliseconds
    Play Back Rate - 30 seconds
    Time Lapse - Auto Adjust
    --Audio Options For Microphone--
    Realtek HD Audio input
    Recording Format 22.0 khz, 16 bit
    Compressed Format PCM, 44100 khz, 16 bit, Stereo, 176400 Bytes/Sec
    Interleave Audio and Video - Interleave every 100 milliseconds
    --Audio Options For Speakers--
    Realtek HD Audio Output
    Playback Volume - All levels set to max, no mutes selected
    Recording Line configuration - Recording Line - Line Undetected

    I am using a Microsoft Lifecam LX-2000 as my webcam. I am NOT using the built in microphone on the webcam.
    I am using a separate microphone plugged into the microphone jack on the front of my laptop right next to the headphone jack.
    I am using headphones during the conversation, not the laptop's built in speakers.

    Hopefully that should be more than enough information under the CamStudio and computer settings to figure out what I did wrong.
  • Options - Check mark next to "Record Audio from Microphone"

    CamStudio can record audio from either the speakers or the microphone and it appears you had it set to record from the microphone. If you want to record what the other person says, change it to record from the speakers.

    Right now there is no easy way to record multiple audio streams. If you want to do that, you will have to record one of the audio streams with camstudio and the other with another application and then use a program to mix them together afterwords. Audacity is a good free program that can mix the audio tracks together.
  • I've had success by just recording the mic, but having the mic close enough (or what not) to be able to "hear" the speaker in the background. The mic will sound much louder, but at least it picks both of them up.

    It "might" also be possible to get it to work by setting the mic to "output through the speakers" (unmute the mic [1]).
    Setting skype to "not automatically adjust volume settings" for input and output might also help.

    The other thing I've heard mentioned is to have a 3rd computer "sit in" on the conference call, just doing recording using normal speaker out.


    [1] http://allfaq.org/forums/t/167220.aspx

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