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Can't record from speaker even stereo mix is enabled.

I can't still record from speaker even stereo mix is enabled and set as default device. I still get the wave out error thingy. What does that means?


  • Supanut, here's a link to three screenshots showing the settings that work for me in capturing audio on my Windows7 Pro x64 system. It has just one audio card, so even though the line can't be selected (the manual line select works on my XP system but not on the W7), if I just ignore the error message the sound is captured anyway. All I do with CamStudio is capture streaming video, so ithese settings might not work on your system. However, with these settings CS captures audio whether I select speakers or microphone.

    You might want to take another look at the first stickie thread concerning this WaveOut error, particularly the posts of Woedge (I'm probably not spelling his name right - am not looking back to check it -- but it's a fairly long paragraph in that thread that helped me straighten out the settings on my W7 -- I had somehow managed to change them so that they wouldn't capture audio anymore although they had earlier.

    Here's the link to the three screenshots: http://s855.photobucket.com/albums/ab116/joker772/CamStudio%20audio%20settings/

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