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Split avi's / wmv's and not saving avi's to default directory

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Hi All,

I know these issues have been addressed, but not sure the solutions apply to me. I am running Vista, CamStudio ver 2. I have made 100's of video, no issues. I am set to .avi for all movies. Directory is the default ...\camstudio. I have it set to auto-name. Plenty of disk space.

Just in the past few days:

1) My files are being split into 1 sound and 1 video file for the most part. Not always. Why does this happen and is Video Dub (can't remember name) the solution? I'm thinking I should re-install altogether.

2) I read other people having this same problem too. Their files (single .avi) are not writing to the default directory (or others I have tried). When I set the naming convention to personalize, the save-as box comes up to name the file, then I can see the other default named files and save them. Somehow the originals appear to be ghost files in the directory already. Searches, etc.. do not show them however. Just as an fyi, I rename all the 'viable' files and move them to the actual directories I want, so the \camstudio one is not overloaded.

3) When I'm done recording, there is also a .swf box showing. It goes away, but is there a reason it is coming up?

4) What would benefits be of upgrading, what ver, and what new functionality?

Thanks greatly for the help, even if some of these are redundant questions.



  • I'm thrilled, I resolved a couple of my problems! When I was having to do the time-wasting 'save as', I looked at other files popping up in the box, and the directory had somehow changed to windows/x86/programs\camstudio, rather than the directory where cm is buried 10 folders down. So, all my files were in tact, just now writing to the other directory...who knows! I think this is resolving the split wav/avi file problem, but have to keep an eye on that.

    Numbers 3 and 4 I would still love an answer on, and, do other people have high pixalation problems? Any solution?

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    Glad you discovered the folder glitch and that it eliminated the problem. I'll keep that in mind in case I see someone else having this issue come up!

    As to #3, I don't think you should see any .swf box come up unless you are using the SWF-producer mode. Are you sure you are in AVI mode? It could be trying to make a .swf but failing because of similar folder issues.

    As to #4, my favorite feature of Version 2.6 r294 is the addition of Window recording (and dual-screens may be helpful to some, but I do not use them.) I use a program called "Sizer" to automatically size and position my windows, and then the Region/Window setting, where you click on the window you want to record and CamStudio sizes its region to the window's dimensions. Very handy for Photoshop recordings and I now use it for just about everything.

    These 2.6b versions ARE beta, and some have glitches in the measurements for Fixed Region (you either add or subtract one pixel from the measurement to get it right, I don't remember offhand right now.) It also allows you to set a fixed length for your video - great for when you know at what time-limit you will reach the AVI 2-gigabyte file size limitation. You'll never crash CamStudio with useless files again with this!

    I did a small features comparison video as part of the tutorial video series I put up at YouTube - go check it out!

    There are many nice tidbits of info in those videos, and I'll be adding some more soon to expand on the subject material (an audio feature is next).
    Here's the playlist link: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=A57A11C0D77BBF9B

  • Thanks for the feedback Terry.

    I am still having a problem with number 1 it turns out. Before all these oddities started, I was able to stop, then quickly start again while audio compression was going on. Now, I have to wait for it to finish. I took a fantastic live cam shot yesterday, and, my avi is like 252 secs, my wav is something like 31 secs. Obviously huge differences in size. I guess I'm going to try the virtual dub, figure out how to maybe fix it. When files split for folks, is there that differencence b/w the seconds recorded? Is that the audio compression or something?

    Nothing is set to swf at all - not using the swf producer mode. It is sporadic.

    I'll check out the videos, and try the Beta version on my other computer. Typically I only use full screen. The fixed length is good, I hate being guarded about the 2gb limit all the time.

  • morgandy,

    I regularly use the "Use MCI for Recording" checkbox now, and am very wary of compression of audio when sync is critical - I generally upload the video with the 16-bit audio intact. I hear AC3 is better at retaining sync than mp3/LAME - my sync always goes off when I use LAME. Here is a fix from Ben Ward:

    "Download VirtualDub (Free)

    Open up the AVI file in VirtualDub you recorded previously

    Click “Video”, “Frame Rate…”, and under “Source rate adjustment” choose “Change so video and audio durations match”.

    Save the AVI (using “Video” > “Direct stream copy” mode)".......

    It is mentioned in the "Best Settings to Sync Audio and Video" video and article, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhowEhUPClc&p=A57A11C0D77BBF9B but the rule of thumb is to keep the Capture Frames Every setting TIMES the Playback Rate setting summing to 1000, as the built-in time base appears to be based upon 1 second (1000ms). This cannot be altered via codec settings, it appears.

    Odd that sporadic swf window coming up!

    Keep me posted with other developments!

  • Hi Terry, I've got the Virtualdub, but it looks like your instructions are for a single avi file whose audio is out of sync with it. Mine is where Cam Studio split the file into an avi and a wav file. My hope is to merge them into one file, and sync. I've looked a bit for how to do this, with no luck. Any ideas? (hope you're around!)

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    The only idea I've ever come up with was to repair the avi file to a working condition using VirtualDub or some other conversion program, then bring it into an editor such as Windows Movie Maker and merge the audio with it into a fresh audio track, save the file, then perhaps use the VirtualDub program to force the audio and video to the same length if there is still a sync issue. However, I've never done this myself - this is strictly theoretical thinking. If you would give such a thing a try, let me know if it is even do-able! It may be that the .wav file is also damaged and will not import into WMM.

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