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Lossless Codec Won't Import into Sony Vegas Pro?

Hi, I'm using an older version of Sony Vegas Pro, V 8.1. I've been making some CamStudio 2.6 beta videos and finding that, if I use the lossless Codec, I cannot import the video (the sound, yes) into Vegas. It says "unsupported format". If I use the Microsoft Video 1 compressor, it can be imported, but the video quality is not as good. Anybody have any idea how to solve this problem? Sony no longer provides support for 8.1! I'm using Windows 7, 64-Bit if that's relevant.


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    That is probably due to Sony Vegas not including CamStudio Lossless on their list of supported codecs. Using Windows Movie Maker, VirtualDub or Any Video Converter, you can convert the video to an MP4 or WMV format through another codec and then import it into Sony Vegas. What a pain! Even YouTube has recognized CamStudio Lossless for several years now!

    I've gone so far as to upload to YouTube, then downloaded their (usually well encoded) MP4 file to use for editing. Oh, yes I have!

  • Thank you, Terry. I downloaded Movie Maker and tested a conversion. What a relief to at least get that working reasonably efficiently. I may get this video completed yet, thanks to you -- Where do I send the gigantic royalty checks? ;-)
  • rob25,

    Send them to Nick! :-)

    Cool that you have another video coming out. I've enjoyed all of your vids so far, and have subscribed to your channel several days ago. I'm glad your face didn't break while reporting on the "beggers" (I broke my face once... got stuck in "eye-popping" mode for a few days. Had to stay inside as I was frightening the neighbor's children.)

    (for others edification - http://www.youtube.com/user/RobWipond - hope you don't mind the plug, Rob!)

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