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Cinepak Codec by Radius - Can't Open in WMM or Other Editing Programs

edited July 2011 in General Discussion
Hi Terry/All,

I had to load Camstudio on yet a 3rd computer because I am doing so much work at once. I downloaded the 2.6b and installed the xvid codec. Somehow it reverted to the Cinepak codec without my noticing. I captured about 100 videos, didn't have time to play back or start producing them until now. All I get are messages that the file is corrupted, unrecognized, etc.. I tried loading them into different editing programs as well. I tried running a couple through AVS video converter into different formats to see if that would somehow help, and the program didn't recognize them either. Please, please tell me there is a solution to work with these files!! Not sure either why Camstudio changed the codec from xvid which I set up originally and did work.



  • Also, I captured these on an XP machine, and need to edit them on my Vista machine - not sure if that matters?
  • Amy, when I read your post I captured a short bit of a video off MSNBC using that codec, which I happened to have installed but had never used. The resulting file was out of sync slightly but playable in Windows Media Player and Windows Movie Maker (the XP version -- that's the computer I'm on right now). I'd think there's something else going on.

    Have you tried running a copy of one of the files through VirtualDub? It's rescued files bigger than the 2GB AVI limit more than once for me. Terry uses more sophisticated settings with it than I do, but I generally leave the audio set to its default -- Direct Stream Copy -- but change the video setting also to Direct Stream Copy and then use F7 to process the file. I've often been amazed at what VirtualDub is able to make sense of. Especially if you're working from a copy, you don't have anything to lose and it's possible that VirtualDub can at least give you a file that can be edited.

    In case you're not familiar with it, VirtualDub is a free program that's downloadable many places.

    Wish I could be of more help.

    Good luck.

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