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How can I use X.264 encoder with CamStudio
  • I have installed X.264 encoder in my system, but can not find it in the Video options Compressor list.
    Is there anything I needed to do with this?

    I want to use X.264 or H.264 encoder to compress my captured screen flow, because it seems much smaller than Xvid Encoder.

    Any help will be great appreciate!
  • This one should work:
  • Thanks a lot!!!

    The 2nd link I downloaded is worked! It's shown in the Video Options Compressor list.
    I'm trying it now.

    Thanks again!!!
  • It's worked!!! And the file size is smaller than Xvid encoder under same frame and resolution setting.
  • WOW, can't believe I missed this.

    Tested this with CamStudio 2.0, using "Single pass - Lossless" as the quality setting with everything else as default and the results were really nice.

    I had to use MCI Recording for the audio, so the resulting file was a bit larger than I can hoped, but not bad.

    On the downside, YouTube didn't like the video data and I couldn't convert it to FLV locally either.


    More investigation is necessary as YouTube supposedly supports uploading videos that are H.264

    Anybody else, feel free to jump in ...


    Nick :o)

    UPDATE #1: Changing from "Single pass - Lossless" to "Single pass - Bitrate-Based" worked fine, if not exactly the highest quality output:


    But we're getting there.

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