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Can't see cursor "transformation" in Lightroom 3

In Lightroom 3, as in many other applications, the mouse cursor can change appearance depending on the action you are performing.
I'm recording video tutorials for this program and cannot use Camstudio since it does not record these changes. Is there a workaround?


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    I'm not sure. The cursor design is "grabbed" for the custom cursors to work, I believe. A consistent cursor experience that included those customized cursors for all programs would be good to add to the wish-list. Aero might be messing with things, so turn off that in the Advanced tab under Performance.

    Some programs succeed in getting control of the cursor just fine.

    Of course, you've set Options-->Cursor Options-->Show Cursor.

    (You can also have the cursor highlighted -- you can choose the color and shape of the highlight -- by checking "Highlight Cursor" in the second block on the Cursor Options screen.)

    One person had the cursor problem go away by simply changing codecs and switching back again here.

    Another lowered their hardware acceleration setting and it helped.
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