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Xvid Codec
  • Im have troblue recording a window using this compressor, i was wondering if anyone could help me. When i try to record a window it says "CamStudio could not record the AVI file using the current compressor."
  • Yes - the MPEG-4 codecs all require you to have region sizes with even numbered height and width. DivX requires height (I think) be a multiple of 4, in fact. But Xvid requires both measurements to be a multiple of 2 (or divisible by 2, to put it another way.)

    I use Fixed Region's "Select" button to select a region, then correct the numbers it gives me so they are multiples of 2. The top "Region" command doesn't give that correction ability, so I've abandoned using it.

  • Thanks i just always perferred using select window i have been using the fixed region to record with i just hate have i get the screen off by a little so i was wondering if it could be helped, but i guess not. Thanks for your help
  • You can alternatively use "Sizer" to force a window to a specific size, then use the Region:Window selector to choose that window - but be aware that SOME cards have a bug that delivers one too many pixels to CamStudio, so you have to set the window in Sizer to be one pixel less than what you actually want - so, for a 1280X720 recording window, you have to set Sizer to a 1279X719 size. Then it turns out just fine.

    Sizer can be downloaded here: http://www.brianapps.net/sizer/

    I mention Sizer and Zoomit in the following video. Watch full-screen at 720p for best results.

    (I just today made the mind-map mentioned in the video available to the public.)



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