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Got Error message when video file created but can't find it to delete

Hi, I installed Camstudio last night (OS windows 7), the had to uninstall and re-install as the shortcut would not open the application. On reinstallation, began recording a video that was streaming. I succesfully made a short recording the first time - but when I replayed, there was no audio. Figured out what I had to do to fix that and unchecked the "no audio" option. Then saw that a 3 min file was nealry FIVE gigs so deleted it!! Then made another short recording to see if audio kicked in and if I could do sth afterwards to compress it but after pressing stop, then got an error message. I was not able to play it back as it showed up in Windows Media in red. And then it disppeared, but it's clearly somewhere because of the decrease in storage available to me now (by about 7 gigs!) HELP! I've done multiple searches of my C drive etc. (no externals were plugged in) Where is it????


  • JoD,

    First, let's get this straight right off - CamStudio cannot even record over 2-Gigabytes without crashing, so I don't know how you got five (let alone 7) gigs from.

    To record sound from a streaming video requires that you set your source to Stereo Mix from the "Recording" tab of the audio controls. Playback needs to be from "Speakers" for this to work.

    Please look for the videos up top in the sticky area. I just did one called "2012" etc. that has most of the problems people run into solved in one place.

    If you don't set the program options for Filename to "Ask for Filename", it will put the finished product wherever you have the temporary files set to go (the "recording" folder in Program Options). What codec are you using? I advise you use Xvid or Jawor's Xvid specifically, as mentioned in the video. Links are all accompanying the video at the YouTube page.

  • Thanks Terry, but I know what I saw - KB in 7 figures, beginning with "4, ",followed by 6 other numbers, coupled with the consequent decrease in available storage. Another issue was that the box with Camstudio that pops up when it launches wouldn't maximise - the maximise option was greyed out.

    Will have to review what you've advised as not sure how to go about setting the program options "for Filenaem to ask ..." And I have NO idea what "codec" I'm using
  • edited May 2012

    Well, that's possible, I guess, but you didn't get a finished product from that - it just crashes CamStudio and leaves all its files in the temp folder.

    You'll need to see the videos I mentioned to get yourself up to speed with the inner workings of CamStudio and some of the best settings. Without a decent codec (COmpressor/DECompressor), you won't get more than 9 minutes or so of recording time with most settings, if that. It cannot go over 2GB in filesize and successfully finish the recording when you press stop - that's a limitation inherent in CamStudio for technical reasons that will eventually be overcome.

    Watch out when you do minimize it as it goes into the system tray rather than minimizing to the taskbar. Just answered a question about that a moment ago, so I figure I'll save you the trouble of that happening to you as well! :-)

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