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  • Problems with video codecs
    First, be alerted to the fact that K-Lite has several "flavors". The "Basic" and "Standard" do not have any of the VFW compressor codecs, only the decompressor ones. They also lack ones like LAME. So, you'll need either the "Full" or the "Mega". Avoid the temptation to install every codec in there - that has proven to be a mistake for many people! Just install the ones you will actually use.
    On another note, see this blog post at my site:
    I am clearly an Xvid fan now, and this codec will appear on any version of CamStudio that you may have installed. Keep in mind that the region must be a multiple of 2 for height and width. SOME combinations of OS and CS version have exhibited a bug where you had to subtract 1 from your intended fixed region measurements. 1280X720 must be entered as 1279X719 in those cases. A pixel is added making it right. This is only needed if you see the error message "CamStudio could not record the AVI file using the current compressor. Use default compressor?" I think this might be only happening on XP right now... it is not happening on my Win7 machine as I write this.
    Another good region size for slower machines is 856X480, and that will create a 480p video for YouTube.
    In Audio, only use "Record from Microphone" and check "Use MCI to Record" to keep sound in sync. See the other articles at my site to see what's up with that.