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  • problem getting Premier Elements to recognize CamStudio output
    Premier and Vegas typically can’t open any type of 264 in an AVI wrapper. Seth B offered this solution in a thread some time ago:
    “”“Vegas can't decode x264 in an AVI wrapper. But, it does just fine with x264 in an MP4 wrapper.
    If you go into the x264vfw configuration, specify Output | Output Mode | File. I set VFW FourCC at x264, but this may not be needed outside of AVI.
    Then, in the Output section, specify a path and filename.mp4.
    Capture with your favorite settings. When you stop the recording, CamStudio will prompt for an AVI filename. This file is created, but isn't playable. Look for your mp4; it worked well for me in Vegas Pro 10. Note that any more caps are likely to overwrite your first cap - rename it, or spec a new filename.”“”“
    I was skeptical, but gave it a try and found that it does seem to work. It really shouldn’t, but it does. Use the 264 codec UI, rather than the MPEG-4.
  • Windows 8.1 64bit
    I've been using CamStudio for years and each time I upgrade my computer I find a way to install it on the new computer. However, I have just switched from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 and tried to download and install. Firstly my AVG internet protection said there was a threat with the .exe file. Secondly, I tried again and got a Windows 8 message saying that CamStuido will not work on this system. I'm heartbroken.. what am I going to do?
  • no stereo mix
    Lenovo computers are a nightmare to deal with in terms of stereo mix. They used blocking methods which varied even within a given model, and their support people have been given incorrect information regarding the situation. See this thread for a workaround:
    I tried the VB Cable on its own and found it works great, albeit with no audio during recording, due to the fact that neither Cam nor VB have any play through device feature. If you get it working, you can install Voicemeter, which will allow you to hear the audio while recording and have additional audio controls as well.
  • Windows media player crashes every time i try to play a video recorded by Cam Studio
    My own take on this codec is that it’s something of a trap for users who find it on the list of MPEG 4 options and never go on to try something better. It showed up with my Win 7 right of the box, so I included it in my test of codecs. On the plus side, the interface is dumbed down to the point of being very easy to use - just set the bitrate slider all the way up and you're ready to go. It produces very small files compared to other codecs and is not compatible with packed bitstream - both good. Problem is, the compression formula is very crude and produces a very “blocky” image with no appreciable motion anticipation. Bottom line for me is that this one is totally obsolete and an easy discard frm the list of usable codecs.
  • Video too big
    Do a 1 minute test using fixed region of 640 x 480 and see what you come up with.
  • Video too big
    I just ran a test at 1024 x 768 (we really need a standard test area) with Cam set at 5/200 using X264/AVI for a few minutes, and found that the resulting video consumed 17,370 KB per minute. That was just a shot of my desktop, so there is no audio, which would of course add more. That allows about two hours of recording, but audio would cut into that.
    The only way to test whether you’re getting the codec you’ve selected is to run a short test video through an video editor or program like Gspot to see what’s been produced. The fact that the lossless seems to be the only one that is working normally suggests that the others are being discarded for a default codec due to a lack of a proper capture area consisting of two even number pixel dimensions.
  • CamStudio 2.7 End-to-End Tutorial and Review videos
    Two things to try when a video won’t play:
    1. See if you can download and play frm your hard drive, using one of your own media players.
    2. Open the page where the video is, then right click anyplace that isn’t a link and choose “view page info”. Copy and paste the various version links into a new browser window, until you get one that works. (This for Firefox).
    Looks to me like the file version on this particular video requires Flash, and your Adobe Flash player might be getting forced away from port 80, which will get an error code.
  • "CamStudio could not record the AVI file using the current compressor. Use default compressor?"
    The problem I'm having is that I have no precedent for this behavior. This being the first time I've ever heard of such a problem occurring forces me to consider the possibility that it is an isolated incident having to do with something else running on that computer.
    This is especially true considering that both Xvid and x.264vfw are doing the same thing - they are quite independent projects, though their aims are similar and based on the MPEG-4 standards.
    I'm stumped!
    As Ken pointed out, the MS video 1 codec would not allow an hour and a half, so it may not be a fair comparison. The two gigabyte file size limit would be reached far before then using that codec.
    You can try the optimizations discussed in this article (though specifically about preparing for the challenges of streaming video, the principles apply to recording as well.)
    If all is a wipe, try the OBS software perhaps. It can do good screen recordings and is easy to use - and streams as well. It is written to withstand the rigors of recording games. There are videos mentioned on the page on using it, and my channel has several "get started" videos specifically about using it to record.
    CamStudio is much easier to use when you can get it working, but we may be up against an insurmountable issue here, and I do not mind sharing with you the OBS solution. (It is entirely free and open-source as well.)
  • "CamStudio could not record the AVI file using the current compressor. Use default compressor?"
    Just a couple thoughts....
    Using MV-1 at 640 x 360, you should get no more than 13 minutes of recording before you hit the limit, so there’s really no way to do a direct comparison. You can get approx. 2 HR 20 Min at 640 x 360 using x264, assuming you’re using single pass CRF with a quality setting of about 12 (set on the codec UI and NOT Cam’s), and since you’re having a problem long before that, there’s something else going on.
    I’d try doing a test at full screen, making sure that the output is set to AVI, without conversion.
  • Serious malware infection from Camstudio installer
    Please send copies of those logs to and I'll forward them to Nick, the project manager. He will show them to the company providing us with the installer.
    This installer is now being used by many at Sourceforge as well. I seriously doubt these malware reports are anything other than false positives from heuristics(-leaning pattern matching software that makes a "guess" but does not match actual known virus and malware patterns - most "generic" and "PUP" finds are of this kind...)
    However, we WERE attacked and taken over once recently, so I'm always VERY VERY interested to hear any reports at all.
  • Which software to use for editing (text overlay, more audio tracks, ...) the video after recording?
    Thanks for the tip. Here is the official website for them:
    I'll give it a look! They offer the editor free, but offer a paid-for level of tech support services.
  • Which software to use for editing (text overlay, more audio tracks, ...) the video after recording?
    VSDC Free Film Editor seems to be getting high marks lately. I’ve downloaded it, but have yet to try it out, so I can’t report on how well it works, but the reviews seem to suggest that it has a wide range of features and capabilities.
  • Using CamStudio With Cubase/Sibelius (help?)
    Hi Terry,
    THANKS for checkin' out my video! I was a teacher in London for four years and so I developed a bit of my own style (if you like) along the way. As far as I can remember, 90% of the teachers at school were BORING and so how can they not be blamed for their lack of motivated and disinterested pupils? I don't see why anyone would get a job in education if they were not passionate and able to be (at least) slightly animated and engaging in their delivery of the subject. I have spoken to many people (of your generation) and I repeatedly hear that most lessons consisted of the teacher handing out text books and the whole class sitting in silence for an hour reading them! And that was the LESSON! Is that really 'teaching'?
    If you are into your musical electronics, I have a MiniMoog Model D (1983), and also a MultiMoog (1979)! :-c
    I emailed Vincent this morning with a couple of questions. Below is a copy (because it might also serve as help to any other CamStudio members seeking the same answers).
  • Using CamStudio With Cubase/Sibelius (help?)
    Thanks terry,
    I will check all this out over the weekend ta.
    Much appreciated.
    I have just been on Skype/Team Viewer to Hong Kong for an hour regarding an alternative software called APowerSoft. Here is the dialogue if you care to read.
    [01:59:25] monsterjazzlicks: If you click on the BOTTOM 3rd ICON on the left....
    [01:59:40] monsterjazzlicks: That will open STEINBERG CUBASE
    [02:00:00] monsterjazzlicks: The music software i use and want to video/record.
    [02:01:42] monsterjazzlicks: This program NEEDS to have its STEINBERG INTERFACE connecetd to work !!
    [02:02:17] monsterjazzlicks: (Line Steinberg C12+)
    [02:03:11] monsterjazzlicks: Steinberg program will crash if not connected !!
    [02:03:26] Apowersoft Tech Support: It seems ok, now you can test it
    [02:04:00] monsterjazzlicks: What about the VIRTUAL SOUNDCARD (Apowersoft) ??
    [02:04:08] Apowersoft Tech Support: Does not matter
    [02:04:35] monsterjazzlicks: But it kept saying NOT INSTALLED ?? And CRASHED when i kept trying ???
    [02:04:47] Apowersoft Tech Support: It will send sounds from virtual sound card to your Steinberg
    [02:06:18] Apowersoft Tech Support: Could you hear the sound?
    [02:06:43] monsterjazzlicks: NO SOUND on playback still !!
    [02:07:01] Apowersoft Tech Support: I think you need to restart your software
    [02:07:10] Apowersoft Tech Support: Cubase
    [02:07:13] monsterjazzlicks: i could hear it when VIDEO RECORDING.
    [02:07:29] monsterjazzlicks: Will a restart make a difference ??
    [02:08:34] Apowersoft Tech Support: Yes, some applications will use the default device to play any sounds, so I think restart will make a difference
    [02:12:32] monsterjazzlicks: Sound is under VST AUDIO
    [02:12:48] monsterjazzlicks: DEVICES at the top.
    [02:15:02] Apowersoft Tech Support: Steinberg Interface is Virtual Sound Card?
    [02:15:46] monsterjazzlicks: No, its a physical external device with jack audio leads in !!
    [02:15:55] Apowersoft Tech Support: Could you hear the sound?
    [02:16:08] monsterjazzlicks: Right now ?? YES.
    [02:16:32] Apowersoft Tech Support: But it seems no any sounds in Sound window.
    [02:17:14] monsterjazzlicks: The METER should be flashing green light.
    [02:17:22] Apowersoft Tech Support: You can see, the device Line Steinberg C12+, not any sounds
    [02:17:55] monsterjazzlicks: But my STEINBERG is definately working fine.
    [02:18:15] monsterjazzlicks: The lights and sound just worked when you did that TEST.
    [02:18:30] Apowersoft Tech Support: If i right-click on it and select Test, I can see the sounds
    [02:19:17] Apowersoft Tech Support: So, the device must has sound, and then the Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro can record it.
    [02:19:34] monsterjazzlicks: The music it coming out of the DELL PC speakers AND my EXTERNAL MONITORS (which are connected to the STEINBERG EXTERNAL INTERFACE) !!!
    [02:22:32] Apowersoft Tech Support: A little strange
    [02:23:47] monsterjazzlicks: i was advised by my local PC shop that i VIRTUAL JACK CONNECTOR might fix the problem.
    [02:24:16] Apowersoft Tech Support: Yes, your local pc shot is right.
    [02:28:30] Apowersoft Tech Support: I think the problem was caused by the audio device.
    [02:28:43] monsterjazzlicks: My Steinberg external interface ??
    [02:28:50] Apowersoft Tech Support: Did you try to upgrade the audio device driver?
    [02:29:27] monsterjazzlicks: The drivers for the Steinberg interface are up to date.
    [02:32:28] *** Apowersoft Tech Support sent AsioSimpleRecorder.exe ***
    [02:32:38] Apowersoft Tech Support: Accept this file
    [02:34:11] monsterjazzlicks: ok
    [02:36:46] monsterjazzlicks: RUN everything as ADMINISTRATOR !!
    [02:38:50] Apowersoft Tech Support: Sorry, all our tools could not read your ASIO audio device.
    [02:39:05] Apowersoft Tech Support: The device Steinberg C12+
    [02:39:30] Apowersoft Tech Support: I will feedback this to our developers. Sorry :D
  • Camstudio recording question
    Joe, you still haven't told me what dimensions you are using.
    What Ken says above is totally true, btw!
    Some certain sizes are simply anathema to certain players or to YouTube. I play it safe now and record everything in one of the following:
    856x480 for 480p
    1280x720 for 720p HD
    1920x1080 for 1080p HD on my Quad-Core computer, which can handle pulling that many pixels. My dual-core computer cannot, and has to use 720p.
  • Camstudio recording question
    If you use x264 or MPEG-4, you’ll force Cam to flash an error code in the event that it is not getting even pixel dimensions from your processor. Lossless codecs are tolerant of odd dimensions, so they’ll just go ahead and record what will turn out to be unusable video.
  • General Recording Issues
    Sorry I've been missing for the last several weeks - I'm in a transition situation on the homefront here as I become "caregiver" for my ailing mom. Finally have stuff moved.
    Thanks for jumping in and helping to solve this, Ken!
    Reth - As you have witnessed, the audio stuff requires some steady nerves and a lot of trial and error testing. Glad you have it going! Could you make a video of how you did it?
  • Virus alert malsign.Generic.550
    That’s AVG’s way of saying it’s detected adware, almost always a toolbar. Ironically, AVG itself has a toolbar, so sometimes it winds up detecting its own. Often it will detect the presence of a toolbar option before the user has a chance to decline it, which is a problem. One could try to download a legacy Cam version, such as the 2.0 .exe version. If AVG detects a problem, it’s probably safe to assume it’s a false positive.
  • General Recording Issues
    I do understand the problem with the mic. The tutorial dealt with recording BOTH frm the system and mic., which is exactly what you would be doing with a built in mic and virtual cable in place. Most systems auto detect the presence of a microphone, so one can’t “listen to it” when it’s not plugged in. In your case, it’s always there, so you need to select away frm what’s shown in the video.(which is why I pointed to that part), BUT that does not change the fact that you need to select “record frm microphone” in Cam and find a replacement for the missing “stereo mix”. The issues here are whether the virtual cable program successfully replaces stereo mix, and why Cam is not holding its “audio options for microphone” settings. It needs to maintain those to work. I doubt that any problem has to do with the presence of a virtual cable, which leads me to believe it’s a problem with the version of Cam which you have installed. If your computer has the option of using an external mic, you could try plugging one in and selecting away frm it to see if that makes a difference.
  • General Recording Issues
    Have a look at this short tutorial which Terry posted on Youtube.

    It’s worth a look (note the settings at the 6 min mark), but the problem with Cam’s settings reverting once they are set is a puzzle. Obviously, one must make sure that the “options/program options/save settings on exit” is checked , and it might be worthwhile trying the “run as administrator” choice is made, just to cover all bases.
    One option might be to download a different version of CamStudio. I’m still using 2.0 and find it rock solid in terms of settings and basic function.