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  • CamStudio crashes when converting a mp4
    On certain machines, CamStudio crashes when attempting to run ffmpeg on-the-fly to convert the AVI it recorded. (It does not record to MP4 directly, but rather, it converts afterward.) I have no idea why that happens.
    I would record to AVI instead (which it is doing anyway, with all the problems like the remaining 2GB file size limitation), and then use a different program to do the conversion, or use ffmpeg frm the command line if you have that installed with a more current version.
    You could try the two troubleshooting options in the Options menu (at the bottom). I do not have this problem, so I have not been able to test it further.
  • CamStudio - Command Line Interface (CLI)
    I do not know, but I found this discussion at Sourceforge:
    Also, a search of this forum turns up a few resources. Sorry, I'm not a programmer, but this might get you some useful material.
  • CamStudio - Command Line Interface (CLI)
    Hello everyone, new here and hoping you experts can help me. I have been looking for the CamStudio Command Live version for a while but have been unable to find the latest release (although I know it is old anyway) but have come across, what I believe is the source code, and am wondering if anyone could re-compile it for me so I have the .exe. I also know that there were a couple of versions and am wanting the version which gives the options to capture with the -width -height -left -top. If anyone can help I would be extremely grateful. I would even be willing to pay someone for doing it for me, within reason obviously. Just please contact me and I can return the source code I found. Best regards all. Anthony.
  • 2.7 worked great, for a couple hours. Then stopped.
    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but this seemed like the best place to put this.
    I had not been using the software much for a long while, but I am back to trying to use it again a little bit. A family member is deployed and we want to use it to capture conversations and messages for posterity. The idea is to record everything, then distill out the funny or important bits. Then his kids will be able to see them when they are older and better able to understand.
    I downloaded the program again, but it still has the same limitations. I had a couple thoughts on improving it, if anyone is open to suggestions. Generally speaking I capture from Skype, and their video streams have several slightly different native dimensions and spacings from the margins of the the screen depending on whether you are using IM or not, and whether the other person is using a normal camera or occasionally something like an iPhone which can sometimes be in portrait mode. I can get all of the different options to to work by changing the settings for the fixed region to match, but generally I have to do this after the fact because it is far to slow to do during the conversation. I have the differing sets of settings written down, but wouldn't it make sense to allow presets here? That way you could just click region, fixed region, preset 2, or something like that and it would be pretty quick. Ideally you could label these presets, so it would be something more like "Landscape-No IM" or the like.
    Also, what ever happened to the "snap" feature? That alone would make this a manageable affair if you could get rid of the cursor lag that makes things nearly impossible to line up in anything under about 30 seconds. It's not important that the borders be perfectly matched up, I just want to avoid recording the whole screen all the time as file sizes get pretty outrageously large in a hurry.
  • CamStudio 2.7 End-to-End Tutorial and Review videos
    Version 2.7 problems
    Started using version 2.7 to avoid the hotkey bug (empty window you have to close after every command with the version 2.72). Unfortunately, 2 problems with 2.7.
    If always displays a window telling me I need to update. If I forget and do that, I'm back to version 2.72 with it's hotkey problem. If I close the update request window, 2.7 executes fine, but can't remember the folder I set for the output file, and I have to set it every time I save a file, or let it save to desktop-library-my videos.
  • Adding graphics to a post
    That worked!
    It was a left angle symbol followed by img src="
    Then the image URL (it has to be already uploaded to some server somewhere).
    Then " />
    I cannot show the actual code.
    If you view the page source using CTRL-U, see line 117
  • Windows media player crashes every time i try to play a video recorded by Cam Studio
    My own take on this codec is that it’s something of a trap for users who find it on the list of MPEG 4 options and never go on to try something better. It showed up with my Win 7 right of the box, so I included it in my test of codecs. On the plus side, the interface is dumbed down to the point of being very easy to use - just set the bitrate slider all the way up and you're ready to go. It produces very small files compared to other codecs and is not compatible with packed bitstream - both good. Problem is, the compression formula is very crude and produces a very “blocky” image with no appreciable motion anticipation. Bottom line for me is that this one is totally obsolete and an easy discard frm the list of usable codecs.
  • Optimize Windows 7 for Video Recording and Streaming
    Likely noise from your motherboard is leaking into your integrated audio card. I bought a Focusrite 2i2 USB audio interface for $150 at Sweetwater Sound to eliminate that problem.
  • closing properly camstudio_cli
    it is not a question of time/size, i have the same problem when i record 15 seconds video. i would need to use a script to send an enter command in the batch script but truth to be told, i dont know how to do it, my computer and programming knowledge is not so deep.
  • closing properly camstudio_cli
    It might not be the closing that is crashing it, but rather that the file size is going over the 2 gigabyte file size limitation imposed by this using the AVI-1 specification.
    If you could use Xvid or x.264vfw as the codec, you could get more time, but as I assume you are doing a full-screen recording by this method, don't expect a miracle.
    You might be able to use a timer and send an enter command in the batch script, but I haven't written batch scripts in years, so you'd have to look that up. I'll forward this to Nick to ask the programmers about.
  • closing properly camstudio_cli
    everytime that i close camstudio_cli the video generated is corrupted, i have try several ways to close it and none of them works fine. i have read on the internet there are more people having the same problem that i have. i use this command to start camstudio_cli: "C:\Users\sistemas\Downloads\camstudio_cl.exe -outfile C:\Users\sistemas\Desktop\test.avi -codec 3", what could i do to close it so the file test.avi wasn´t corrupted?. i would like to record the session of a user once he logs in the computer, i would use that command at the beginning of his session to start recording but i dont know what to do to close the software at the end of his session. the only way i have achieved the file test.avi is not corrupted is entering the return key inside the ms-dos window. i dont want the user to do this since i dont want the user to be aware that i am recording his session.
    thanks in advance for your help.
    i look forward to getting your news.
    if you need more info about this issue, just let me know.
  • Using CamStudio With Cubase/Sibelius (help?)
    Is it USUAL (normal) for the user to always switch/change 'playback/record' Devices (on the PC) depending on what task you are performing?
    For instance, if I am using Skype, recording a video in VoiceMeeter, using Cubase etc, I always need to dip into my PC Audio Properties and make certain adjustments? I have always left things set as they are and when I connect (say) my Steinberg interface and fire up Cubase, every just WORKS! But I am thinking here (esp. after watching the VB tutorials) that I need to manually make adjustments each time depending on what software or task I want to use/achieve?
    In other words, there is not 'one setting suits all'. Maybe you can SAVE you settings within VB VoiceMeeter (??) but I need to check the manual on this.
    Its not a massive issue to keep resetting things each project, but for me at least, I will probably have to make a note in pen and paper.
  • Using CamStudio With Cubase/Sibelius (help?)
    Hi Vincent,
    Your software was recommended to me by Terry Vincent from the CamStudio forum site.
    I have Cubase (music software) and I am trying to make some tutorial videos. But for a whole week I have had serious issues in trying to record SYSTEM SOUND using various different softwares (I downloaded the 28 x day 'trial' periods of these). Basically, these softwares do not like the Cubase external soundcard-interface (CI2+), but Cubase NEEDS the soundcard to be able to function! Emoji
    Anyway, Terry suggested your excellent products but I am a little confused about something, sorry. He said for me to download the 'Hi-Fi Virtual Lead' but I could not see a specific download button for this. Only a button for the VB Cable Driver. Is this the SAME thing please? I downloaded this latter because it was the only Virtual Cable I could see but I am not sure if its the correct one or not?
    Secondly, I have just downloaded both products for my (home) Dell PC running Win7. But I also have a (work) DELL PC but it is running Win8.1. Do you cater for this latter OS? Or only up to Win7?
    Thanks very much indeed and I hope this email reaches you ok. If we can get it all up and running then I will happily make a donation via PayPal.
    Kind regards,
    Paul Seaman (UK)
    Thanks for your e-mail,
    VB-Cables are just virtual audio driver to connect 2 applications together.
    HIFI-Cable is also a VB-Cable to manage high samplerate and works with ASIO Bridge to connect Windows application to ASIO Device.
    Voicemeeter is a virtual Mixing console, providing a Virtual I/O in all format (including virtual ASIO device to connect Cubase on it).
    That’s why I recommend to use Voicemeeter directly to route and mix different audio sources to different audio point, including audio pro software using ASIO (like Cubase).
    See documentation:
    we just released the Voicemeeter , which is validated with Cubase 7 , you can find the direct link on our Facebook / G+ page.
    All these software work on XP to latest Win 8.1 (32 or 64 bits).
    (end of text)
  • Using CamStudio With Cubase/Sibelius (help?)
    Thanks terry,
    I will check all this out over the weekend ta.
    Much appreciated.
    I have just been on Skype/Team Viewer to Hong Kong for an hour regarding an alternative software called APowerSoft. Here is the dialogue if you care to read.
    [01:59:25] monsterjazzlicks: If you click on the BOTTOM 3rd ICON on the left....
    [01:59:40] monsterjazzlicks: That will open STEINBERG CUBASE
    [02:00:00] monsterjazzlicks: The music software i use and want to video/record.
    [02:01:42] monsterjazzlicks: This program NEEDS to have its STEINBERG INTERFACE connecetd to work !!
    [02:02:17] monsterjazzlicks: (Line Steinberg C12+)
    [02:03:11] monsterjazzlicks: Steinberg program will crash if not connected !!
    [02:03:26] Apowersoft Tech Support: It seems ok, now you can test it
    [02:04:00] monsterjazzlicks: What about the VIRTUAL SOUNDCARD (Apowersoft) ??
    [02:04:08] Apowersoft Tech Support: Does not matter
    [02:04:35] monsterjazzlicks: But it kept saying NOT INSTALLED ?? And CRASHED when i kept trying ???
    [02:04:47] Apowersoft Tech Support: It will send sounds from virtual sound card to your Steinberg
    [02:06:18] Apowersoft Tech Support: Could you hear the sound?
    [02:06:43] monsterjazzlicks: NO SOUND on playback still !!
    [02:07:01] Apowersoft Tech Support: I think you need to restart your software
    [02:07:10] Apowersoft Tech Support: Cubase
    [02:07:13] monsterjazzlicks: i could hear it when VIDEO RECORDING.
    [02:07:29] monsterjazzlicks: Will a restart make a difference ??
    [02:08:34] Apowersoft Tech Support: Yes, some applications will use the default device to play any sounds, so I think restart will make a difference
    [02:12:32] monsterjazzlicks: Sound is under VST AUDIO
    [02:12:48] monsterjazzlicks: DEVICES at the top.
    [02:15:02] Apowersoft Tech Support: Steinberg Interface is Virtual Sound Card?
    [02:15:46] monsterjazzlicks: No, its a physical external device with jack audio leads in !!
    [02:15:55] Apowersoft Tech Support: Could you hear the sound?
    [02:16:08] monsterjazzlicks: Right now ?? YES.
    [02:16:32] Apowersoft Tech Support: But it seems no any sounds in Sound window.
    [02:17:14] monsterjazzlicks: The METER should be flashing green light.
    [02:17:22] Apowersoft Tech Support: You can see, the device Line Steinberg C12+, not any sounds
    [02:17:55] monsterjazzlicks: But my STEINBERG is definately working fine.
    [02:18:15] monsterjazzlicks: The lights and sound just worked when you did that TEST.
    [02:18:30] Apowersoft Tech Support: If i right-click on it and select Test, I can see the sounds
    [02:19:17] Apowersoft Tech Support: So, the device must has sound, and then the Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro can record it.
    [02:19:34] monsterjazzlicks: The music it coming out of the DELL PC speakers AND my EXTERNAL MONITORS (which are connected to the STEINBERG EXTERNAL INTERFACE) !!!
    [02:22:32] Apowersoft Tech Support: A little strange
    [02:23:47] monsterjazzlicks: i was advised by my local PC shop that i VIRTUAL JACK CONNECTOR might fix the problem.
    [02:24:16] Apowersoft Tech Support: Yes, your local pc shot is right.
    [02:28:30] Apowersoft Tech Support: I think the problem was caused by the audio device.
    [02:28:43] monsterjazzlicks: My Steinberg external interface ??
    [02:28:50] Apowersoft Tech Support: Did you try to upgrade the audio device driver?
    [02:29:27] monsterjazzlicks: The drivers for the Steinberg interface are up to date.
    [02:32:28] *** Apowersoft Tech Support sent AsioSimpleRecorder.exe ***
    [02:32:38] Apowersoft Tech Support: Accept this file
    [02:34:11] monsterjazzlicks: ok
    [02:36:46] monsterjazzlicks: RUN everything as ADMINISTRATOR !!
    [02:38:50] Apowersoft Tech Support: Sorry, all our tools could not read your ASIO audio device.
    [02:39:05] Apowersoft Tech Support: The device Steinberg C12+
    [02:39:30] Apowersoft Tech Support: I will feedback this to our developers. Sorry :D
  • Using CamStudio With Cubase/Sibelius (help?)
    Look at Voicemeeter and the HiFi Virtual Cable and the ASIO interface he offers if Cubase is only sending sound into ASIO (bypassing the Windows system audio.) You could use ASIO4ALL, but this will be easier. One thing that I found in my tests is that ALL the bit and sample rates have to be the same across all the different items of software - in your Windows audio Playback and Recording Devices Advanced tabs, in the Voicemeeter HiFi Cable and anywhere else you can find!
    This is a very superior solution over trying to get Stereo Mix to work! But it only works if you can send the sound to the Analog Speakers playback device (not headphone jacks or anywhere else). Voicemeeter overcomes that limitation. And the HiFi Virtual Cable allows connecting to ASIO inputs and outputs.
    Check them out at Google Plus here:
    In particular, this post on using the newest Voicemeeter with Cubase:
    Let me know if you need more help figuring it out. I don't use Cubase (Harrison Mixbus here, based on Ardour 2) but I understand the particulars of your situation. Just the basic Voicemeeter program may be all you require, so try that first.
  • Using CamStudio With Cubase/Sibelius (help?)
    Hi folks,
    I really need help with something which is causing me a massive headache please !! Aghhhh......
    I would like to try and make a couple of videos to whack up on You Tube. What I need is the software were you can film the entire screen of your PC (so exactly what someone would see at their end if they were taking remote access of your computer). There are many instructional videos on You Tube that show (music software products such as) Cubase/Sibelius were the narrator just talks in the background and all you see is his PC screen and what he is doing on it within the music program.
    One option is to hold a camcorder in front of the screen but this method looks a bit amateur.
    A friend of mine uses CamStudio to create his music videos (though he uses it in a slightly different way). Well anyway, I spent THREE days now trying to get this screen catcher software recording the elements of audio I require, though to no avail. The CamStudio captured all the screenwork in Cubase/Sibelius and otherwise, but SOUND was a different story. It would record me talking into a headset mic and would playback fine. Also, it would record my external synth (running into an external soundcard Interface) and back out thru the connected headphones. What it damn well would NOT do (and I swear I have tried every possible permutation I could think of) is :-
    Record the INTERNAL sound of audio files playing in Cubase !! I could hear them when I pressed play (with the CamStudio running in 'record' mode), but no sound whatsoever during playback. So just like a silent movie picture.
    So anyway, what I need is software which will (all at once on the same PC) :-
    Record my voice (narration) thru my Sennheiser headset mic,
    Record the SYSTEM SOUND,
    and Record the full-size screen imagery as I film the tutorial.
    I am totally at a loss on how to get this to work ?? The issue seems to be that it does not like the Steinberg C12+ external interface (but the problem is that I NEED this in order for Cubase to function !!).
    I hope I have explained this ok and I thank you all in advance for any kind assistance offered. I am now at a total loss and have asked so many friends and family who are not able to advise. I also did watch Terry's You Tube instructionals but they did not deal with the problem as it presents itself in my (perhaps) unique scenario.
    If it can not cope with performing all of the three aforementioned tasks at once, then I would be happy to drop the Senheisser headset mic and record the narration as an 'overdub' at a separate stage (say, in Audacity).
    I have also tried Fraps and APowerSoft this week. Someone has also recommended ATube Catcher.
    This is my first post so I hope I have submitted it to the correct category. Apologies if now.
    Many thanks in advance guys...
  • CamStudio 2.7 Bug Reports and Installer Issues
    The dotted line of the Recording Rectangle should change color dependent on the color on the screen. That is extremely useful when selecting the exact edges of the desired area to record.
  • CamStudio 2.7 Bug Reports and Installer Issues
    The dotted line of the drawn input rectangle should be exactly 1 pixel wide. Either that or it should be made clear what the exact boundary of the selected input is.
    Does actual selected input contain the drawn rectangle and is the edge of the recording area the outer edge of the rectangle? Or does the rectangle enclose the recording area and is the entire rectangle outside it? That should be clear and consequent on all sides of the recording area.
    I would opt for a rectangle inside the recording area because that will allow us to select the edges of the screen.
  • x264vfw Codec and render-settings guide
    Terry; Here are a few observations in answer to the question you asked in the other thread:
    1. Does changing the output FourCC (from h264 to x264) improve the chances of getting Vegas or Premier Pro to open a Cam-produced AVI ? I don’t know the answer to that, but I would have my doubts, and other than through a second step conversion (from AVI), we would seem to be producing about the same thing as we do using the h264 default setting. At any rate, either choice seems to work fine with CamStudio.
    2. Moving the CRF quality setting from its default 23.0 seems like an idea which ought to be tried, but I think that’s just a trial and error thing.
    3. Obviously, we would need to do much experimentation before using the extra command line box. My guess is that this can lead to conflict between the encoder’s performance and Cam’s function.
    4. We need to stay with “Capture Frames Every” and “Playback Rate” settings to those which Cam can deal with, unless the material produced is to be modified in an editor later. This video doesn’t do that.
    5. I tried doing a capture with the “Fast Decode” and “Zero Latency” boxes checked. There’s no difference that I can see, but I’ll need to test more thoroughly.
    Bottom line is file size and quality, and we seem to be seeing rather large files here. My acceptable target has always been recording time of at least 1 hour with very good quality, and a more or less “set it and forget it” approach with the encoder, but it should be remembered that we’re talking about settings as they apply specifically to use with CamStudio, and other programs may require a change to those settings.
  • First try with Camstudio 2.7
    I wonder if the problem I'm facing has something to do with which codec is downloaded for CamStudio? Is there one which is used universally by many users? Does the recipient of a CamStudio file have to be using the same codec as the one used to create the CamStudio file?
    Which codec would you recommend?
    I'm trying to use CamStudio as I've found that Hyperstudio and Snagit are not free. Jing seems to only record for 5 minutes at a time and FFMPEG, being a command-line recorder is kind of a pain.