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  • Best settings for X264.fw
    Ken has done several very informative posts on using x264vfw. These two searches should show up his posts and comments made about them:
  • 2.7 worked great, for a couple hours. Then stopped.
    I am basically doing what you just described now bmoreken, except instead of recording the whole screen I record a set area that is big enough to capture all of the video formats. I also don't have video editing software that can do the cropping part, so I end up using camstudio to re-record and crop the video, then movie maker to clip the parts I want and create a final product. It ends up being quite a process, and taking up a ton of space on my hard drive. It works, but it is not exactly what you'd call ideal.
  • Do any video compressor other than "MS Video 1" work?
    Thank you for your hints. Once more some comments from my side:
    H.264 crashed occasionally from my side. It seems to me that CamStudio and its codecs really, really hate odd dimension values. CamStudio should urgently offer an "auto-adjust window dimensions to even value" option.
    What value did you recommend for H.264 rate factor?
    Your suggestion for a target bitrate of 7500 seems to me by far too much.
    Even if I record the whole desktop (1920x1080) and have a "nature wallpaper" as desktop this seems overkill. Isn't 1800 kbps a good choice?
    Much more important seems to me the frame rate. With a default "Capture frames every" 50 ms the cursor movements are somehow stuttering. Is this the value to make it softer?
    At last I observed that with Xvid and H.264 the menu font in the resulting video is somehow comparable to the original blurred/smeared. Can you confirm this?
    I would appreciate sharp letters as the original. What solution would you recommend?
    Thank you
  • Do any video compressor other than "MS Video 1" work?
    Hello bmoreken,
    thank you "ultrafast" was the key information!
    However in addition to "ultrafast" users have to select "Single pass - lossless" under rate Control. Otherwise it will not work.
    Even "Single pass - quantizer based (CQP)" or "Single pass - ratefactor-based (CRF)" or "Single pass- bitrate-based (ABR)" do not work.
    Can you confirm this?
    Furthermore I would be interested to get the necessary Xvid codec setup.
    I tried "MPEG 4 ASP @ L3" and Encoding type="Singlepass" and target bitrate=1800
    Much to my surprise the resulting video cannot be played in CamStudios own player but only with an external player like VLC.
    Can you confirm this?
    Is two-pass encoding possible (H.264 or Xvid) at all?
    What is the recommended Xvid Profile @ Level?
    Thank you
  • Blank video file
    @TerryBritton, @bmoreken
    Yeah we're currently using a compiled ffmpeg to create an MP4 version of the video from the recorded AVI file ... for now.
    Of course right now because the AVI is still 1.0 format, we're still currently limited to what we can do with the MP4 but when AVI 2.0 is implemented things will be a LOT better.
    This has taken long that we thought as the programmer has had to create the entire code for the function from scratch - apparently code from VirtualDub and/or other sources weren't suitable for some reason.
    We're also currently in the process of basically gutting CamStudio of VideoForWindows and replacing it with DirectSound functions which should fix a lot of incompatibility issues (webcams, video annotations, recording audio from speakers etc.) in one fail swoop. [fingers crossed, JINX]
    In the future we might look into making MP4 creation a bit more "elegant" but we'll see how things pan out ...
    But right now, things are moving forward slowly ...
    Terry and I have also had the discussion about removing SWF functionality from CamStudio as it seems like it's no longer needed thanks to MP4/Xvid/x264 ...
    I was never happy with the quality of the end result with SWF (especially the controller) and now with certain hardware like iPhones, iPads, etc. not being able to play them and modern browsers that are implementing HTML5 with native video support, it could be that SWF Producer's time has finally come to an end ...?
    Nick :)
  • v2.7: Need help getting MPEG4 output
    OK so after a little testing it's related Gary's Output settings in x264.
    @SDGary, you have it set as "File" and are trying to output an MP4 directly from x264.
    When I use those settings I get:
    An audio-only AVI file (no video)
    An video-only MP4 file (speeded up) with no audio
    So x264 and the in-built AVI-creation function are both trying to render a video at the same time and neither are working.
    When the x264 output settings in its config is changed to VFW I get an AVI file encoded with x264 all nice and pretty.
    I never knew x264 had that "FILE" option and that would definitely be a cool workaround for natively generating MP4 container files right now it doesn't work - CamStudio would need to be able to detect the setting in this codec and maybe temporary disable its AVI creation function to route all video and audio into x264?
    Hmm, @TerryBritton + @bmoreken, what do you guys think?
    Nick :)
  • Video and audio are jacked
    @taykbob1 Try a test recording like @bmoreken says using these video and audio settings: Test recording area: either 320x240 or 640x480 Video codec: up to you but we recommend Xvid: <= use Jawar builds If you have 64-bit Windows, you'll need 32-bit and 64-bit Xvid on your machine: Use this link: <= Xvid settings to use Let us know how you get on. Cheers Nick :)
  • German: Einstellungen für hohe Qualität und kleine Dateigrößen
    Ken, there's no specific reason why keyframe rate settings originally of 30 and lately 100 are selected other than people have posted on the forum and emailed me with settings they've gotten good results with and so after testing them ourselves, we go with them.
    I never knew that normal keyframe rates for MPEG-4 are between 300 and 700 frames so I did a little digging and found a similar figure on the SorensonMedia forum.
    Scrolling down to the keyframes section of the page it mentions a figure of 300 as well as a couple of extra pieces of info I also didn't know about increasing/decreasing keyframe rates depending on the amount of movement or change on screen during recording.
    A figure of 300 (and maybe more?) may well work well for screencapturing with CamStudio where there isn't a lot of movement on screen which would also help to keep the final filesize down and is definitely worth testing.
    In 2.7, when AutoAdjust is selected (as default now) the keyframe rate can be edited separately so users can fine tune the settings better.
    @TerryBritton - maybe it's worth doing some test recordings with a key frame rate of 300 using x264 and Xvid to see what type of results we get?
    But know you, you've probably already done some, right? :)
  • Need help with Visual Click Feedback
    First, understand what "Set Keyframes Every" is doing - a "Keyframe" is a capture of the entire frame or window. In-between keyframes, the program only captures what has changed - that is, what pixel values that have changes to them. So, the more often you capture a keyframe, the larger the file size becomes, since it is getting more full-frames more often. For tutorial videos, I capture full keyframes only every 200 frames. But that can have a side-effect of making "seeking" a bit more coarse (that is, when you click the progress bar to jump to a spot ahead, there are less fine-grained places where it will load, since the player will only load at full keyframe positions.) We used to say every 30 frames was good, but probably you can get by with a conservative 100 for that setting. However, Ken (bmoreken) has suggested that 200 - the highest CamStudio can set it at - is actually conservative for Xvid and x.264. They use more like 300 and upwards!
    Capture Frames Every (millisecond) determines how often it captures a frame or snapshot of your screen at all - whether a keyframe OR in-between frame. That number should work out so that when multiplied by the playback rate it sums to 1000 ideally, for audio sync to work, but in your case without sound it is not so critical. The lower this number is, the more often it will look at your screen to capture it. Keep in mind that capturing too often cuts into your computer's ability to run other applications at the same time.
    The playback rate in your case can be set to 30fps without worrying about audio sync, since you don't record sound. That is what YouTube prefers. But if recording sound, some setting that works with the Capture Frames Every setting to sum to 1000 is more ideal. Our new default in 2.7 will be Capture Frames Every 50 milliseconds with a playback rate of 20, but CFE-40 PBR 25 gives even smoother results for recording full-motion stuff like games.
    I hope that helps! And yes, milli means 1000th! The capture frame rate can never be in seconds, as you now will understand from my description above. Unless, of course, you are doing time-lapse work!
  • Lossless codec not showing up
    Many thanks for all the advice given here. I followed many steps on my Windows 7 64bit system and finally edited Registry to make the changes and the Lossless codec came up and worked like a dream. I am now posting my raw video onto YouTube and very happy with the outcome, rough as it is: (hope it works)
    Particularly thanks to TerryBritton and b0otable for the last mentioned instructional video. That cinched the deal and made certain that all was working as it should be.
    Will now look to what bmoreken has just posted to see if I can get other decent codecs working on the system. For example none of the k lite stuff will show up.
  • Settings for high quality and small filesize
    According to the suggestions of Ken (bmoreken,
    I made another one in Xvid. I changed settings to Profile unrestricted, disable packed bitstream & b-VOPs, Quality preset real time, Target bitrate 8500 kbps (2:19, 45mb):
    In my opinion this one saves the honour for Xvid. But x264 still runs a bit smoother.
  • Recording are choppy
    @Terry: Hmm...well, I guess there's nothing much that I'm required to do right now...but there is many things I would certainly like to do. But either way, thank you for helping me, TerryBritton and bmoreken.
  • Failed to rename/copy audio file.
    Here is the video I made a couple years ago on using Stereo Mix in Windows XP.
    bmoreken is right - "Record from Speakers" hasn't worked since XP Service Pack 3, I believe.
    Also see the other response I made concerning the file error.

  • CamStudio screen capture in Firefox browser.
    Thanks Terry & bmoreken.
    Just was curious and looking for comments, which you have provided. Having some experience with CamStudio, and configuration adjustments, I really doubt 100% satisfaction for now (or ever). If a person used for a primary purpose (say Hulu only) then perhaps. While I can't use it yet, pending following updates, I'll advise if I have any luck.
  • CamStudio screen capture in Firefox browser.
    Ah - thanks! I looked it up. I can't see the use of it, since I have CamStudio in a shortcut available at all times to call up anyway. But, if you could call up a customized configuration that worked for most instances, I could see its use for that. Of course, CamStudio really needs a quick config-loader to allow switching configuration profiles for different uses, and perhaps this can be modified to allow that somehow.
    I really hate all these updates of FireFox killing my add-ons like every week lately! :-(
    Must be hell being an add-on author and having to keep up with these things. I'll try to hook up via email with the developer of this CSHelper add-on and see how he/she thinks the development of this one is going to progress.
  • FFV1 Codec
    In your setting of 5/200-10, what does the 10 represent? is that the keyframe setting you are using?
  • FFV1 Codec
    I'm not familiar with FFV1. I'll admit to being taken in by the raves at the forums over Xvid lately, and had pretty much stopped my searching. You do have Xvid's quality set at 1, I take it. The forums may have some info on how to tweak both Xvid and FFV1.
    Have you tried matching the key frames setting to the playback rate, or to some multiple or even division of that? Just a thought, since my understanding of the key frame setting is that it describes the interval where it grabs complete frames rather than only recording the differences. Perhaps you are experiencing a kind of "beat frequency" effect with them not being nodal somehow. (Pure speculation there...)
  • Problems with video codecs
    Have you unmuted the mic in the playback sliders on the XP machine? Are you even showing the mic in your playback sliders? You may need to make it visible there first.
    This may apply to the Vista installation also, but I do not have Vista to even check into it.
  • Problems with video codecs
    I hope you can find some way of getting this to work, I think that smaller capture regions are going to give you the most improvement.