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Welcome to CamStudio's very own Forum - only 2 years in the making!

I love to hear stories about how users are using or intend to use CamStudio. so why not post a short intro here and feel free to include any links to example videos you've made (no blatant spamming though - I will be watching!)


Nick :)


  • Lolz, alright. I'm currently using CamStudio to record all of my gaming footage. Used to use "Bulent's Screen Recorder" which was 40 bucks. I started searching around for another program once I switched over to Windows Vista, seeing as the compatible upgrade was another $30. Eventually a friend told me about CamStudio...and here I am.

  • The first screencast software I used was Camtasia, which came free with a pc magazine.
    Since I reinstalled my laptop often, I eventually lost track of the cd. About 1 or 2 year(s) later I found CamStudio.
    CamStudio reminded me a little of Camtasia, I mixed them up a few times...

    I don't do screencasts often, the last few times I have used CamStudio are:
    -The Stereo Mix (record from speakers) example.
    -Converted a PowerPoint to a video.
    They were quite a while back. However I'm still interested in using CamStudio again.

  • Ymaster587 and jas2o welcome to the forum!
  • Hi Guys,

    I started using Camstudio 2.5 at the weekend, and recorded my first tutorial yesterday.
    What a great programme and easy to use.
  • Btw Nick, what do you mean by "serious committed" people for mods?
  • Hey Ymaster587

    I'm looking for mods to help me with the forum long-term but after re-reading that post - I didn't really need that phrase, so it's history.

    I don't want to appear *too* needy! ;)
  • Lolz, alright. Well, as you may have noticed, I'm interested in being a mod for the forums. I can be on daily, so...are there any requirements for being a mod?
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    No specific requirements ... a little knowledge of CamStudio or video creation in general on Windows is fine ...

    There won't be a lot of time required since there aren't that many members at the moment, but hopefully as more join more people will put themselves forward as mods.

    I'll be posting answers whenever and wherever I can anyway ...
  • I'd be glad to help... I haven't started coding yet, but when it hits the weekend here, I'll make sure to make some adjustments to make the code Vista-compatible. Anyways, I hope that everyone enjoys CamStudio, and yes, I would like to be a mod... Good Luck in the New Year everybody!
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    Well, hello.

    I've been using Camstudio a little, mainly to help explain some techniques in Photoshop and Gimp. I've only posted them on a Norwegian forum I frequent. When it comes to screencasting, I've also tried Windows Media Encoder and Wink, but I prefer CamStudio, even though I tend to spend quite a while encoding. Likely I'll be checking in here from time to time.
  • Right, hi.

    Nothing much to say. I used CS for a little bit, to do some tutorials on how to do stuff for my (computer illiterate) friends.
    Anywho, I love it and I hope that 2008 will bring more user, more donations and of course more development.
  • Hi all, figured I'd say hello and intro myself to the regulars.

    I discovered CamStudio awhile back and have been using it to produce how2 videos of our software. I like it, Now I'm a developer that has been developing for over 20 years. So I'm used to getting things done in a varity of creativity. I showed this to our documentation people, which poo pooed it cause it was not a Adobe or some other studio product that you did not have to know much to use. Plus, it was old. Oh well there loss, they still contact me to do things I use CamStudio for that they cannot do themselves.

    I'm excited to see intrest in this product. It is hard to find tools that do just what you want, in a simple manner. I am, when time permits playing the code. I'm a cobol to pascal to CA Clipper to c/c++ and now for the past 4 years a C# .Net guy. I would love to see this move to a C# .net enviorment. My c++ is a bit rusty. Just don't think that way anymore.

    Blah, blah.... thanks Nick for picking up the ball and running with it. I am courious on the story of how you and your assoicates (if any) got this project.

    Happy Creativity to all!
  • Lolz. Ok.

    I learned about CamStudio through SourceForge, I always surf on SourceForge because of the free and open-source software. Before, I used HyperCam, as I prefer to call it, CrappyCam. I use CamStudio for making How-To videos and other stuff like that.
  • Hello and Happy New Year to all of you. My name is TJ and I have a small business on the side doing computer repair and minor website development. I've been using Cam Studio to create tutorials as a free service for many of my older computer repair clients. I tend to concentrate on the absolute basics in my tips and tutorials. In fact, my tag-line for my business is actually - "Helping the average computer user - learn the basics". I've found a HUGE need for this type of training and assistance. One of the biggest and fastest growing groups of computer users these days is the senior citizen crowd. Since they didn't grow up with this stuff, it isn't always as intuitive and as natural to them as it is to some of us. They don't always know how to drag and drop or how to do a virus scan. And many are too proud to ask or too intimidated to try.

    But Cam Studio has enabled me to show my clients how to do some of these basic beginner techniques and procedures that we sometimes take for granted. And since it is a video that can be viewed and reviewed as many times or at any time they wish, it is perfect for those who may tend to be a bit forgetful. When I first started doing this, when a client would ask for help with a certain issue, I would create the video and either send them a link to the video file on my site or I'd deliver it to them on a CD and walk them through it the first time. But now I'm starting to post them to You Tube so that they can watch them whenever they need a refresher. I've gotten a great response to these videos from my clients and Cam Studio has made it all possible while also making it quick and easy to do it. Oh, and let's not forget about the whole open source free part either. Nick, if you could see the reaction on some of their faces when they watch a tip or trick and are able to do some of this stuff on their own - it is really something! It is literally changing lives!

    I can't thank Nick and his helpers enough for making this product available and continuing to develop it. I'm looking forward to following along as this community and this product continues to grow.

  • I found out about cam studio along time ago as a free alternative to CamTasia and the software is great. I was using it for my C++ tutorials and I wnatd to start using it again but for soem reason i keep getting errors and videos that i record that are more than at least 500x500 dont come out right (just a bunch of grey with sound)
  • Hi!
    Fernando here - I'm a networking/security guy. I was looking for something to help me capture some of the webcasts I attend for later playback. I had tried a few screen recorders in the past, but only now did I come across CamStudio. Loved it!
    I'll post questions/suggestions on a separate thread.
  • Hi Nick! Thanks for adding me =)

    Hi all,

    I'm a QA Lead and I just logged a whopper of a performance issue with a SWF attachment created with CamStudio to show the Developers how bad the performance was in the Live Production site.

    Our developers run a micro version of the system locally, their servers, databases and web clients are all local instances, so everything is instantaneous for them. QA has a properly deployed environment that tries to mirror Production's setup, but performance is still different because of network differences.

    The developers are great guys and I give very explicit bug reproduction steps, but it was incredibly useful for them to see it and experience it (somewhat) for themselves.

    Like Fernando, I'll post my questions in separate threads. =)

    -- J. Lin
  • Hi All

    Thought I'd better post on here and say a "Thanks" and please don't equate any silence on my part for lack of interest.

    I have to spend almost every waking hour on my day-2-day business so it doesn't leave me much time to get as involved as I used to be.

    So thanks to everyone for contributing and to Ghosty for all his help too ... nuff respect!


    Nick :o)
  • Hi

    I lecture in computing and mathematics in the Business School at Birmingham City University (UK). I have an ongoing problem that there's not enough time to explain one-to-one the basics of maths to first years unless I could somehow invent a 97 hour day and eighteen day week. I have to use other methods.

    One of these is video, either shooting me doing something or by a means like CamStudio to pick up on screen actions. My skills are not so smooth that I can speak a commentary and do the action at the same time (but I can just about walk and talk) so I envisage a load of screen vid being captured and then edited to include voiceovers and incorporating other video as necessary. I'm also using it for Excel, Microsoft Project, Word, Powerpoint, Publisher and things that can be better illustrated by practical example. In order to teach maths I'm recording actions in Geogebra - something that I can use to illustrate mathematical functions.

    I downloaded CamStudio some time ago but am only starting to use it to any extent as my teaching has been extended because of cover for sick colleagues.

    One problem with any video on our network is download speed and lack of effective streaming capability, so it looks like I'll be cutting DVDs to run locally. I do not like running postage stamp sized video as you can't see as much detail when you need to.

    Now if I just had more time ....
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