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Rainbow snow for the first hour of 2 hour video...

edited April 2009 in Support

I'm using the V2.0 Camstudio with the following settings:
CamStudio Lossless Codec v1.4 auto adjusted to max framerate and LZO algorithm.
Audio through mic recorded at 44.1 kHz, mono, 8-bit PCM compressed using MCI recording and interleaving every 100 ms.

I recorded a two hour file, which was being saved as a temp file on my desktop as it recorded. After I stopped the video, CamStudio hung for a bit, then it asked for the filename to save as. After putting in a file name and hitting OK, the audio compressed up until 21%. Then I got an error that said the audio and video could not bind.

So I was left with two files, an avi and an mp3. The avi was a 2 hour long 4 gb file. For the first hour, four fifths of the screen was black and the bottom 1/5th was rainbow colored snow. Occasionally a distorted frozen image of my desktop would show up in that spot, but would also be rainbow colored. For the final hour though, the video looked great. I was recording a session of fairly repetitive tasks, so nothing changed during the 2 hours of recording.

Anyone have any idea why this happened?
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