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Differrence between the actual cursor position and that showed in the recorded video by camstudio

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Hi guys,
I recently installed camstudio v2.6 and ran the setup. I am using a windows 7 (64 bit) OS. Whenever I run the software I observe that there is a difference between the actual cursor position when I was recording the video and the one in the recorded video. Has someone expirienced something like this ? Could someone plese help me out.


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    Try 2.6c and let me know if the problem clears up. That version has several bug fixes, though your issue is very rare.

    The CamStudio 2.6c in the Next folder at Sourceforge also will show more codecs.

    You need 7-Zip to un-zip this:

    And the 2010 version of the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries (likely already in your machine)



    Run CamStudio from the recorder.exe file in the folder.

    I recommend Jawor's Xvid as the codec. Install the 32-bit and 64-bit combo, or just the 32-bit version. CamStudio uses the 32-bit version.

  • Yes. That worked. Probably a bug in the v2.6. Why is this happening
  • A problem I have is the cursor quality ... using 2.6c and Windows 7 x64; the cursor looks jaggy. Any fix for this?
  • Sab,

    I do not know why it happens - it does not happen on all machines and video cards.


    Jaggy -- I'm not certain what you mean. Please share a sample video.

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    CamStudio jaggy cursor on Windows 7 x64 when set to 120 DPI. Does not occur when set to 96DPI.
  • pcunite,

    Yes, I see it clearly. That is a custom (well, larger) cursor than the standard - could that be causing the issues? What if you use the standard Windows cursor? Do all cursor choices do that thing with the little lines messing up the diagonals?

  • Terry,
    Yes, any cursor choice will exhibit the same issue. AviScreen does not do this. I should mention that my screen resolution is set to "Medium - 125%" which is 120DPI. This problem does not occur at 100% or 96DPI.
  • pcunite,

    Ahh - that is the problem. I ran into the same thing at the medium resolution setting. I'm not certain how that works exactly to upsize the resolution to 120%, but it is definitely messing with us and CamStudio's ability to capture.

    For a larger screen, it would be better to simply decrease the screen resolution setting to a lower resolution and use 100%/96dpi. The same result in dimensions in reality, though, of course. I think a viable workaround to create larger content in 1280X720 is to simply halve the dimensions of CamStudio's region to 640X360 and then double the size back up to 1280X720 using Any-Video-Converter afterwards.

    Or to create a 1080p, double up one of 960X540 dimensions to 1920X1080.

    The idea is that simple pixel doubling will not cause any artifacts to come about, yet the video will be visible and easy to see even at the new modern high resolutions.

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