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Can't get the file into any editing software

edited July 2012 in Support
Hey there, I'm using the lossless codec v1.5 for CamStudio (v 2.6b) to record my flash movie so I can get it on Youtube but I can't get the resulting video file into any video editing software. I can't find anything compatible with this codec. I was going to use VirtualDub for the editing since others use it so I assumed it would work with CamStudio's codec but I get an error that says "couldn't locate decompressor for format 'CSCD' (unknown)." I then tried After Effects and Premiere and no luck there either.

I'll mention that when I installed this codec I had to use that registry edit solution posted in one of the sticky threads in order to get the codec to show in CamStudio. Maybe that has something to do with VirtualDub's problem? I'm assuming my options are either get it so VD can locate the codec or use a different one (I'll need some suggestions for codecs that produce high quality capture and are compatible with at least VirualDub without giving me a headache.)

Thanks in advance.


  • markerng,

    Convert using Any-Video-Converter to a compatible format.

  • Thank you, that worked.
  • markerng,

    Good news! If you find some optimal settings, please feel free to share them!

  • Any-Video-Converter did a great job. I wanted to reduce the file size to minimum so I used x264 codec with maximum bitrate of 1Mbit (1024Kbit). Imported it in Premiere and from there re-rendered again in H.264 with the same bitrate like with x264 and the quality remained really good. Approximately for 1minute video you have 10MB filesize in Full HD 1080p resolution which is great.
  • Wow! I'm amazed that low a bitrate still produced a good result! I've heard the higher the better (like 6000k to 10,000k for editing) so this is good news to hear I can get a good result at 1024k.

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