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where does it save the video file?

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I've recently bought a new computer running Windows 7. On my previous computer I finally managed to make a video.
I've followed your instructional video to the letter and WOW I can still make a video. Problem is - I can't find it once |I've seen and heard it the first time around.
Where does it store the video?
Do I have a choice in where it's stored?
I thank you for all the help you gave me previous (this time I thoguht I'd be O.K. on my own !!


  • O.K. I've figured this out. I have to tell it where to save to.
    Now I've got the same problem that I had on my prior machine: my settings don't stay.
    I think I had to re download and install to somewhere else???
    I wish my memory worked as it once did!
  • I just figured out how to find te past discussion nwith you. Please forgive my slowness.
    I'm going to try moving the program folder from Program Files to the desktop, It worked last time
  • This is more of a computer issue rather than a Cam issue. I have my programs in the appropriate Program Files folders, and there’s no issue with anything. Programs which produce files of any kind, especially on computers with UAC and unpartitioned drives, are occasionally going to create “compatibility files”, which means that the Win 7 UAC has determined that the file should not be stored in the “protected areas” occupied by the O.S. registry and has created a virtual storage area for those files. When that happens, the file becomes somewhat invisible, and unsearchable. Older Windows versions had a “merge all files” setting, which caused these files to be displayed, but Win 7 does not. The solution is to send AVI files which you create to folders outside the O.S. protected areas.

    From what I’ve read here, it’s sometimes necessary to set Cam to “run as administrator” in order for it to save settings on exit, assuming you’ve already made that choice in Cam’s options/program options/save settings on exit dropdown.

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