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Camstudio Lossless Codec and YouTube

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I'm having trouble uploading videos recorded using the lossless codec to YouTube. When they upload they appear in black and white and are severely distorted. I was wondering if this was a known issue and if there was any way around it? or perhaps a different lossless codec that is compatible with YouTube.

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  • KingStuart,

    No, this hasn't been an issue that I've encountered up till now, with you mentioning it. YouTube always used to accept the CamStudio Lossless codec files without any problem. That doesn't mean things can't have changed, though.

    Either way, you'll be better served to avoid all lossless codecs unless your needs are rather extreme - like requiring archival quality or something. Jawor's Xvid works very well and transfers without a problem to YouTube. I often convert to an MPEG-4 custom package using Any-Video-Converter if I need it to go anywhere else (like into a zipped package for people to download) as then it is ensured to play on any media player. But if YouTube works at all, it creates its own MPEG-4 file (which you can download, by the way).

    Try Jawor's Xvid - and get either the 32-bit version (that's the one CamStudio needs) or the combo so you have the 64-bit version also to work with any media players you end up with that run in 64-bits natively.

    Here's Any-Video-Converter:

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    Thanks for your help :)
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