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error message - can't save / rename sound file

edited July 2012 in Support
when recording a video somewhere around 5 minutes I get the error message about the sound file. There is a .avi created and a .txt for the clip. when I try to open the .avi with VLC media player, I get an error from VLC, VLC can't recognize the input's format:
The format of 'file:///C:/Users/myID/Videos/videoID/20120729_1342_03.txt' cannot be detected. Have a look at the log for details.
The above .txt is there and I can open it with a text editor, it has some xml info, 2.6<\version>294<\release><\recorder>
It seems when I record over a certain length I get the problem


  • bbxrider,

    See the recent videos on using Xvid and the other settings that allow CamStudio to record longer videos. The file size limit is 2 gigabytes, but you can fit longer recordings into that space by compressing the video.

    The raw video you tried to open was un-closed and had no flags or indexes, so it cannot be opened. See my video on rescuing via VirtualDub to try to rescue that recording, but don't expect miracles.


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