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Can Record in a Fixed Region, But Not a Window of the Same Size

edited July 2012 in Support
Hi, it's Amy (Amethyst) back with a new and interesting problem. I've skimmed through the boards, but not read exhaustively, so if this is a problem already solved or otherwise dealt with, then my apologies.

I'm working on Windows 7. I'm using CamStudio 2.6, and Celtic Druid's 64-bit XVid codec. I did try this with another XVid codec previously. It shouldn't matter, but I'm recording a Windows program called Frotz. It's an interpreter on which one can play Interactive Fiction (aka text adventures). I've sized the program's window to 1296x820 with Sizer, so that I can just record in 1280x720 with the border removed.

In short, I go to record the window, and CamStudio tells me that it can't record with the current compressor, and should it record with the default compressor.

Now, one would think that perhaps I wasn't really recording in 1280x720. When I click okay to say, "Sure, start recording with Microsoft Video 1," the file is indeed recorded in 1280x720, which should be good dimensions for XVid.

Now you might think that there's something with the XVid codec I have installed. But I can record just fine with XVid on a 1280x720 fixed region.

Is the window recording just buggy with XVid and/or Windows 7, or is there something else I can try? I'm thinking, maybe try another codec, but I've always preferred XVid. That, and the file size still gets a bit too much with MS Video 1, even in a text game. I really want to play in a window and not a fixed region, since I often mess up and either get part of the window border in the video, or chop off a few pixels of the actual game footage.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. :)

- Amy


  • Amy,

    Sometimes you have to tell Sizer to set a window one pixel short in both the width and height for it to be "seen" as even-numbered width and height, so try what *I* have to do setting a Sizer window (I call "CamStudio 1280X720") to 1279 X 719 pixels.

    This problem actually reversed with 2.6c, where I could use the correct size with Sizer but had to reduce by a pixel in the Fixed Region dialog if using that. Crazy!

    Also, CamStudio needs a 32-bit Xvid, as it can only work with 32-bit codecs, being a 32-bit program itself.

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