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2gb file limit workarounds

edited August 2012 in Common Tips & Tricks
First of all, I think that CamStudio 2.6 reports the wrong file size in its main window while recording. The other night I recorded a 3.5+ hour webinar with jawror xvid. CamStudio's window reported 1gb file size. When I look in windows/temp, the filesize is 3.3gb.

- The file won't play in VLC: "The format of the file cannot be detected"

- The file cannot be opened with VirtualDub: "Invalid AVI file: LIST chunk < 4 bytes"

- If I try VirtualDub compatibility mode: "AVI Import Filter error: (?) (800440c7)'

So obviously this file is corrupt. I searched google and came across this great thread with many advices to try to fix the problem:!

The solution that worked for me was to download MediaCoder. The built in player could read the file. And then I converted it to mp4 which took about a half hour and halved the file size from 3.3gb to 1.5gb

Hopefully this will help someone. Maybe Terry can add it to the some FAQ somewhere or on his site so others can find it.


  • Mike5,

    Thanks! I will add this to my site, definitely. I did a video on using VirtualDub to rescue a file, but it usually only works on files just a bit over the 2GB.

    I can only suppose that the video size was what was being reported in the CamStudio window, perhaps, but the actual size with the audio added went up to the 3.3 GB - but perhaps not. The most I've gotten so far out of Jawor's Xvid with using MCI audio has been 3 hrs 10 minutes, and that cut it very close, and was only a slideshow with audio. (Very little movement...) Also, I had "Set Keyframes Every" set very high to accomplish that, set to capture an entire frame every 200 frames. We definitely have been exploring the upper limits of what is possible. This information brings it up possibly much higher, time-wise!

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