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Where are binaries for v2.6 ?

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In the CamStduio Blog on

it is said at July 2nd 2008 that the source code for v2.6 is available on Sourceforge.
I am not prepared to compile them. So can someone compile and provide them as binaries?

Thank you


  • Hi Peter

    2.6 binaries are not currently available due to the fact they are "wobblier" than a drunk on a surfboard.

    Once the main outstanding bugs have been squished, 2.6 binaries will be compiled and released.

    If anyone else wants to compile them and make them available, that's fine, but you'll run into problems
    capturing your screen pretty sharpish.


    Nick :o)
  • Nick,

    1) is there a process for creating the install files (in svn) - I couldn't see it - but could see references to previous install creation processes on your blog.

    2) Is there a list of bugs somewhere?
  • Hi Paul

    I don't have those answers for you, but I will ask Tim (who's been working on the code) to post some instructions on the forum.


    Nick :o)
  • Hi All!

    I will try to post build instructions to create the build from source to binaries and then how to use the install script later tonight.

  • I have a few minutes to spare here so here goes:

    CamStudio Build Instructions v. 2.6

    Required software:

    MS DevStudio 2005/8 (I use 2008)
    NSIS install app.
    SVN or GUI client (I use Tortoise)

    The root project folder contains the DevStudio solution file, CamStudio.sln, which you shoud open
    in DevStudio. Select the appropriate build, Release or Development, and then select the Build-Build-Solution item. This will buidl all the target apps and support libraries. The output files
    are found under the corresponding output folder (Release or Development).

    Installation package

    The NSIS install package must have already been installed for the install script to work. The install currently works only for the Release build (Development builds are not packaged) and is found inder the Release output folder, called CamStudio.nsi. You should be able to compile the script from Windows explorer by a right click menu "Compile NSIS script". this will produce the
    executable installation app CamStudioInstall2.6.exe.

    Bugs and TODO:

    The solution has a fodler called "Solution Items" that contains two files for bugs and todo list.
    The lists are not complete but try to cover the scope of things that need to be done or fixed.


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    This is the latest truck apparently.. I checked it against my own compilation and it looks good.

    Don't know if the version numbers listed are correct though. The script does need some updates to it and I believe that making a development script separate from the release script would be most beneficial.
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