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USB Mic/Headset + System Audio

edited August 2012 in Support
Hi, just started using CamStudio on Windows 7 64Bit and i really like but there i keep falling into the same issue.

I want to listen to the game i am playing through my USB Headset and record the Mic (which is part of the headset) and also record the audio from my system (so that i can record the game audio as well).

I have tried several different solutions listed on videos from youtube and forum posts but can't seem to get it to work....the closest i've came is setting everything to be played through the speakers and recording them (that includes my mic) but the problem with that is the mic is then picking up the speakers and creating a audio loop.

I have also tested the idea of recording the audio separately with a audio recorder but this led to other issues during the editing and syncing.

On mac there was a software package called Audio Hijack Pro that would allow you to take audio from different sources (or applications) and then direct them to one output....i've looked but i have not found anything like this for Windows 7 but i was wondering how everyone else is doing it so thought i would ask.

so to wanting to record system and usb mic audio while playing system audio through the usb headset.

can anyone help me with this at all?

Thank you.


  • Monkey,

    Try some in-ear headphones plugged into the speaker jack, if that is available.

    I imagine you saw my video on this:

  • Terry,

    thank you for the reply, i did indeed see your video and it helped to get me to the point of using a set of 3.5mm jack headphones but i really want this to be a last resort.

    my main goal is to find a audio router that works, something to forward all the audio from my system and mic to one location (like the speakers) and also send the system audio to my headpones as well, that way it would be possible to record the system audio (as demonstrated in your video) and also listen to the audio through the usb headset.

    This is so incredibly easy to do on Mac, so many people tell me that Windows is easier to use but im find that not to be the case at all.
  • Well, it used to be easy on a PC, but for some reason Windows changed their audio architecture all around, making it difficult again.

    I've heard some people report that the old "Record Audio from Speakers" choice actually worked again on their Win7 machine. That totally amazed me, as it has been broken for most people since XP SP2, but it is worth a try. It will either work or not! Let me know!

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