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Sterio mix problem

edited August 2012 in Support
When I launch Camstudio, it disables my sterio mix, so I have to re-sekect it every time I open the program, not a big deal, but it would be nice if this didn't happen. Any ideas? Oh, it's a Realtec sound card.



  • slarty,

    I've never encountered that one before. Are you certain it is what is doing that? (I have noticed that GoToWebinar tries to force the setting to microphone when it starts, so I always have to change it back again....)

    In the "Audio settings for Microphone" it should display "Stereo Mix" OR "Default Sound: depending on your system, plus you need the setting to be correct in the audio control panel also. I wonder what is doing this?

    Well, anyway, you are experiencing an anomaly that is not typical behavior, but still, I'd love to know what is causing it. Please keep me up to date if you discover anything.

  • Hi Terry,

    thanks for your quick reply, and apologies for my delayed response.:o

    Yes I'm fairly sure it's what's causing the problem. Take a look at these before and after pics:

    This happens every single time I run the program.

    As I say, it's not a big deal, but any ideas?

    Incidentally, are you the man responsible for CamStudio? If so, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! What a lovely elegant piece of software. :)



  • I wonder if it is the setting of the drop-down selector in the Audio Options for Microphone settings? Usually that simply reflects what your Audio control panel settings have been set to in the Recording controls, but perhaps not this time.

    I'm on the team for CamStudio, but primarily am the "help desk" component as a volunteer. Nick is the administrator/project leader, and Jan is the prime code warrior at this time. But thanks for the big thank-you's! The others will be through and see it for sure! Glad it is helping you get some stuff done! :-)

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