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Live recordings - allow participants to hear presentation

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I've just downloaded this software and it is fantastic. Thank you! I am however having trouble working out how to allow participants to watch and hear my presentation while I record it for future use. I wanted to screen and record a live presentation but the 3 people who have joined my logmein invitation can only see the screen movements, no sound is coming through. Is this possible? I am using Logmein to share my desktop and CamStudio to record screen movements and sound. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks very much : )


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    The Logmein audio settings are entirely separate from the CamStudio settings, and should be dealt with first, getting them to work as your first priority. But then you will need to record not only the other people's audio (for which you will require a computer having Stereo Mix), but also will need to bring in the audio from your microphone (meaning you will need to use the "Listen" tab for the microphone and check the box sending it to the speakers so that Stereo Mix can hear it also.) This is assuming you are using Windows 7, of course. The big problem is making the others audible to you in a way that keeps their sound (and yours) from coming out of the speakers and entering the mic, causing an echo. I plug headphones into the speaker-out jack on my desktop, but most laptops do not present this luxury -- and the audio must absolutely be going through the speakers for Stereo Mix to pick that up.

    Here is a video showing the settings I used in Windows 7 to approximate what you require:

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    Here is the basic idea in XP, but you'll need to make the mic playback audible in the playback controls as well:

    Let me know if you have any luck, or discover another way to do this.

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