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Where do i put camcodecsrc folder and the contents of file.

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Hello people, i am hoping someone would help me figure out my problem, last time i downloaded Camstudio version 2 i also downloaded its codec and their are two zip files containing the codec which i am not sure where to put it on my pc or in the root directory of CamStudio.

The first zip file named contains folder named camcodecsrc which also contains some folder and lots of file , i don't know where to put them i.e., the camcodecsrc folder

Another is file which contains file similar to camcodecsrc.
See the picture for more clarity:

So my question is where do i put the camcodecsrc folder and where do i put the contents of file.
Sorry for being short and snappy.
[i had seen some discussion about this issue i.e., user not knowing where to put camcodecsrc folder, but that discussion was for Win7 OS, and i read the complete post and it wasn't helpful....]

Please see the picture.
I am using Winxp Sp3.


  • Isn't their anyone who has some knowledge on how to use this tool and the codecs that comes with it.

    wow, i don't think its that technical question.....any suggestion would be great.
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    Just don't use it, pinso. Use Lagarith Lossless if you REALLY even need a lossless codec, otherwise look into using Jawor's Xvid. You'll get much longer videos out of Xvid. See the 2012 tech webinar in the sticky posts up top, and the other videos on my channel for even more help.

    BTW - any file with "src" in the name is the source code for programmers to use. It is not the useable version for end-users.

    Try searching these forums and you'll find plenty of answers by people who have answered them before! ;-)

  • Thanks for the answer.
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