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Totally new - why no synchronisation?

edited April 2009 in Support
I am a very non-technical person but I'm trying out free software which creates Flash from the screen. I'm currently comparing Wink with Cam studio. The latter seems easier to use, but I have major problems synchronising sound. My microphone commentary is not replicated very well with some sounds dropping out, and the timing of the sound seems totally different to that which I expect while using the screen.

Am I doing something wrong? I should mention that I am not particularly familiar with things like Codecs etc.


  • As I understand it, the problem isn't anything specifically to do with CamStudio, but more to do with the way that AVI 1.0 files are created.

    Apparently (and anyone feel free to correct me) they are more likely to suffer from audio/video desychronization.

    Selecting MCI Recording from the Audio options always fixed the problem for me, but when you do that, you override any audio codec you've chosen in Audio Options.

    This isn't a major issue with relatively short recordings (15 mins and under) but when you start doing longer ones, the final filesize starts to get very large, very quickly and the AVI 1.0 format is limited to 2GB in size, so you *can* run into problems.

    If you intend to upload to YouTube, you're limited to 10 minutes anyway, but I'd recommend taking your "source" AVI, import it into a video editor like VirtualDub ( - free) and creating a new version using MP3 as the audio compressor, which will dramatically decrease the filesize and make it a lot quicker to upload to YouTube or any other online video sharing site.



    Nick :o)
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