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How to set the frame size for a recording

edited April 2009 in Support

When I record my entire screen (which is what I want), the resulting video is too large to be able to view without scrolling.
How do I set the dimentions so that the resulting video will fit (and resize automatically if possible) within the player window?

Thanks for your help.


  • I don't think CS has an option for resizing video, for that you'll have to reencode the video with some other software, like Virtualdub. However, most video players will resize video to fit within the player window anyway -- automatic resizing is a feature of the player, not the video file -- so that in itself isn't too much of a problem. (The Camstudio Player is an exception to this I think, but does anyone use that for anything but checking the video that was just recorded? I honestly don't use it at all ...)
  • Well the best way to do that at the moment is to use a small region instead of full screen.The region size you make will be the video size. Just enable autopan and you won't be confined to that region area you initially selected.

    Or you can simply change your system resolution to something lower when you do a video. Since right now the program only uses that resolution as the video size.
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