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Issue with YouTube upload

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Hey Terry -

First, I'd like to mentioned that I used CamStudio well over a year ago to record some Let's Plays of CIV IV. After some success with a couple of videos (I used DivX codec at the time), I started to have audio sync issues and just gave up on it.

I've recently been inspired to try again, so I downloaded what is now the new version of Cam. I watched some of your tutorials (which are great by the way) and quickly got Cam up and running again on my new machine. The one thing that threw me off was the whole minimizing Cam recorder issue, but I found the solution to that one,i.e., it is not an issue but rather goes to system tray instead of the task bar. (It was painful though as it kept resetting all my settings)

Anyway, I completed a video, converted with the app you mentioned (any-video-converter), and uploaded to YouTube. The video looks and sounds great. However, I was surprised that the timing of the video on YT was exactly double the recorded length. It appears that the first half of the YT video includes video and sound, while the second half is just video/no sound.

Obviously, this is an issue. However, I have no clue where the problem resides. Is it Cam settings, Any-Video settings, something I did wrong with Youtube. Not sure. I do know that when I check the MP4 converted file it maintains the correct length. So a 30 minute recorded MP4 gets loaded to YT as a 60 minute video. At the 30 minute mark it starts anew but with no sound. I've never had this problem before.

Your thoughts/advice appreciated. Thanks


  • I don't know what settings you used in Any-Video-Converter, but I've never needed to convert first in order to upload videos to YouTube, so you might try simply uploading them as-is without the conversion and see if they work OK. I often actually use the version created by YouTube later for other uses where an MP4 is needed -- you can download them from the "Manage Videos" section by dropping down the menu that says "Edit".

  • Sounds to me like a variation of the old "wraparound" effect caused by bad AAC or MP3 audio. YT tries to read anything one throws at it, and in the process winds up producing some strange results. In addition to just uploading the unconverted AVI as Terry suggests, you can try converting to MPEG 2 (DVD) with MP2 audio, which "the Tube" seems to like a lot. The process of uploading MP4 seems to be hit or miss, and there are quite a few YT videos with repeated sequences or bad sync as a result.

  • Thanks for your responses, Terry and BM

    I think I recall having to convert avi files way back when for YT to accept upload. Maybe that has changed. Anyway, that is why I download AVC based on your video, Terry. I try to setup it up according to your recommendations. I did check YT forums, which are a mess, and did find several mentions of this type of issue but no real resolution. There was some mention of "de-interlacing", but I have no clue what that does or how to make it happen.

    Anyway, I will try uploading the straight AVI files. However, that brings up another issue that yall might be able to help me with. The AVI files are very large. 30 minute is like a couple of gigs, while the post conversion files are a 3rd to 4th of that size.

    Is there anyway to setup recording videos to create smaller AVI files and still maintain good quality? I suspect it may be the audio. I did use your specs, Terry, but I think you did allude to other options. Maybe there is another tutorial I need to view.

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    Try these settings (and see the description box under the video at YouTube for more).

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