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Camstudio 2.5 vs Camstudio IM 2.0

edited April 2009 in General Discussion
Can anyone tell me the difference between Camstudio 2.5 and Camstudio IM 2.0 (if any)
I had heard that you could not redirect to a URL in camstudio nor would your uploaded videos show in Firefox. But I think I've read that v2.5 had fixed this issue. I am just curious now if there is any difference at all. Does anyone actually know? I would be most appreciative for some input. Thanks


  • Camstudio IM is a ripped off version of FREE as in FREEDOM Code. Its stated multiple times in just about every OSS Product support page. "If you paid for this Product Demand A refund. We will never ask you to pay for what we made free... If you wish to make a donation to the original producers of this product we do always encourage it..." And so on...

    Don't pay for similarity with no added benefit.

    In answer to you Question: There is a difference the ripped off one uses slightly modified background and icons. Otherwise it is the 2.0 version of Camstudio. Free Software...
  • In addition to DarKMasy's comments, CamStudio IM was v2.0 with the Firefox glitch fixed and the Redirect to URL feature added.

    Just to be clear, under the terms of the GNU Public Licence V2, people are completely within their rights to take the CamStudio source, compile it and sell it, but if they're making it available publicly, the source code needs to also be made available.

    How do you think I added those functions to 2.5? ;o)

    There are some other features as well, like the various "Effects" and the Record Window Region.


    Nick :o)
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