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Change Request: Default recording/save location setting should be Ask for file name

edited January 2013 in Support
Upon doing a first-time install the default option should be to prompt the user where to save a recording versus having something that goes into the temporary folder, is played, and disappears.


  • Agreed.

    But it does not disappear - that is, unless the folder does not have write permissions.

  • I have specified "My Videos" as the default location to save files and it is not write protected. After I record a video and watch the playback I'm not given the option of saving it anywhere. Is it because I'm running Windows 8?
  • edited January 2013
    You should also set Options/Program Options/Name of AVI File to "Ask for Filename"

    The "default location" setting is where the temporary files are put. That is confusing wording, I know... (and was the topic of this change request) but it is good to make that be in an easy to find folder, as I mention in the following video:

  • @rbeede the new 2.7 version of CamStudio by defaults save videos to a folder called "Videos" in the installation directory, so hopefully that helps a little.


    Nick :)
  • I'm surprised Win7 will even allow it to save into the installation (Program Files (x86)) folder! I thought there were permission issues with that if you weren't running as an administrator?

  • @TerryBritton,

    I run CamStudio as Administrator (only profile on this computer) and when I set Name of AVI file to 'Automatic' and set Directory for recording to either 'Use application directory' or 'Use user specified directory' I can save videos to the Videos sub-folder in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\CamStudio 2.7'

    I don't know if that is any different for someone with a User level account on Windows 7 if they're right-clicking Recorder and running only that as Administrator though ...


    Nick :)
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