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Just can't get the codecs to work

edited December 2012 in Support
I'm guessing I have 6 hours of trouble shooting since downloading camstudio just trying to get some usable video codec into the program. After watching a dozen or so tutorials on youtube and trying everything suggested there 15 or 20 times and scouring the web for answers I'm ready to give up. I'm running windows 7 64 bit.
I finally got the desired xvid mpeg4 codec option to show up in options but when I select it, it won't run. I get a blank box saying waiting for a response. I recorded anyway and when played back I got a black screen the entire video. I've posted a couple times here in the forum but am not getting any responses. Not sure what else to do??


  • Could be a corrupted dll or a bad CamStudio install. Why not try a different Cam version. I use 2.0 and much prefer it to the 2.6 versions. Fact is, I don’t think it’s even capable of producing the error message you’re getting with your 2.6b. Before you do that however, you might try using x264, just to make sure you didn’t get a bad install on your MPEG-4.

  • And also try the new CamStudio 2.7 version ... a lot of bugs have been fixed.
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