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Re: Inexplicable 1-pixel frame-border shift in swf producer

edited May 2009 in Support
Hello, I have a problem with swf producer. It was working fine when I was in the middle of this big project the other day.

Then, suddenly, it began to shift the frame north-east by one pixel, so I end up with a 1-pixel white border on the right and bottom, and a multi-color 1-pixel edge on the top and left borders, reflecting the colors from the .swf image itself.

I had changed absolutely nothing, I had not tinkered, I had done absolutely nothing before this started happening. All my windows were open, I was working, I had filmed a few clips, all was full steam ahead when suddenly one clip had these borders, and now I can't get rid of this.

1. I had been using Cam recorder and set it to produce a swf automatically.
2. I filmed a few more test clips, and all came out with the shifted border.
3. In desperation, I uninstalled and completely deleted Cam Studio and all codec components, and re-downloaded fresh from the home site and re-installed. It does exactly the same thing, it still shifts the borders by a pixel.
4. I then tried reducing it to separate steps. I first produced the avi with CamStudio, and then produced the swf from it with swf producer. Same darn problem, the avi video is 100% clean and bang-on, but the output of swf producer shifts by a pixel. Therefore, the shift is occurring in the swf producer, not in the CamStudio. Which is too bad, because there are no controls on swf producer to allow me to trouble-shoot and alter the borders.

????? What in god's name am I going to do! I have a project to finish, and this is the only thing delaying it. I can't use any other screen-capture, because CamStudio is the only one I know of that lets you film any shape & size of rectangle and keep that shape at the end for your swf.


Here's an example of the 1-pixel shift:

Thanks for your time.


  • I have no idea why this has happened, but for the sake of you finishing your project quickly, download WinFF ( - free) and convert the AVI to FLV, then use the LongTailPlayer ( - free) to embed and play the FLV in a webpage.

    I will be releasing a modified version of this player to CamStudio donaters very soon that also has the "Redirect URL" function as well as another cool suprise.


    Nick :o)
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