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Audio help With CamStudio 2.6

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I love CamStudeo and Kuddos to all that have made this program... Yall ROCK. Now to the bad part, lol. I've been trying to get my audio to work, but to no avail. The Picture is perfect. I love it it beats the [CENSORED], lol out of the other Screen capture programs, because the video wont work on my XP PC. Now if I can get the audio to work then yall are the KING (QUEEN if your a girl, lol). So can you help me out here?


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    Yes - definitely. First, be sure to use "Record from Microphone".

    Then select "Options - Audio Options for Microphone".

    In there, check the box that says "Use MCI to record".

    Then click the button to be taken to the recording options in XP and enable the source you want and its volume level.

    IF you have Stereo Mix, or "What you Hear" then you can use that to record system audio, like a game's sounds. Do not be surprised if Stereo Mix is not there - many computers do not have it. Also, some computers "hide" it, making you go through the effort of making it visible.

    Test your settings with a test recording to make sure you are not overloading or too weak before making an actual recording.

    Let me know if you run into any problems!

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