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Slower moving image than original ?

edited May 2009 in Support
Why does it ALWAYS slow down a moving image when it's filming it, and thus produce a SLOWER image than the original that it was filming?


  • Could this be that the recording framerate is slower than the footage that's currently playing?

    You could try testing this by increasing the playback rate to something like 50fps and capture every 20ms and see if that makes a difference.

    Either that or it could just be down to CPU/RAM usage?
  • As Nick says, check the video settings, or more precisely, the ratio between the interval of recording and playback rate. 1000 divided by the number for «Capture frames every» should be equal to the playback rate.

    An example:
    If you wish to have a playback rate of 10 fps, you should choose to capture a frame every 100 ms, as there are 1000 ms in a second, and 1000/100=10. For a playback rate of 20 fps, the interval should be 50 ms, and so on.
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