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CamStudio 2.7 Is Coming And A Word About Its Future

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Hi Everyone

After what seems like an eternity, CamStudio 2.7 (Build r316) is about to be released in a few days and I wanted to let everyone know what's been added and fixed and also take the time to talk about the future for CamStudio during 2013 and beyond ...

So, first ... this update includes the following fixes and additions:

* CamStudio not displaying/able to use all video codecs on system
(Partially done - some Microsoft WM codecs are still inaccessable but this is being worked on)

* Sometimes the CamStudio Lossless codec is not showing in codec list in Vista and Win7
(A new 64-bit compatible codec installer has been created to remove incorrectly
installed codecs and reinstall it)

* Keyboard shortcut option for Autopan with on-screen notification

* CamStudio will now inform you when a new update is available

* We've altered the default save location from 'Use Windows Temporary Directory'
to a Videos folder in 'Use Application Installed Diretory' so it's easier to find

* Removed link to CamStudio Blog from Help menu

* Made Auto Adjust enabled by default with a new second checkbox (also enabled by default)
above the slider bar locking the Capture Frame rate and Playback rate to only factors of
1000. Added a warning dialog when "Locking" checkbox deselected.

Leaving the "Lock" checkbox on will help to stop common audio/video desync issues

* Added a warning to Video Options > Capture rate mentioning CPU-load and final filesize
increase when using a higher capture rate figure

* Also made Key Frame rate independant of Auto Adjust for finer control.

* Changed first-run Video Options defaults to:

Keyframes every: 100 frames
Capture Every: 50 millseconds
Playback: 20 frames per second


Currently being worked on and in the pipeline:

* Removing the 2GB maximum filesize limit for AVI files <= Next on the list!

* Fixing certain User Interface elements to work with all Windows versions (XP onwards)

* Adding the ability to force recording dimensions to be even numbers only
(This will dramatically reduce the chances of getting the dreaded "Use Default Compressor" error)

* Fix CamStudio to properly record speaker audio
(And if possible add the option to also record speaker/mic audio at the same)

* Automatic FTP uploading of a recording once completed

* Having the ability to save and select recording presets (screen location, dimensions, codecs)

And a lot more yet to be revealed


As long time users and forum members will know, I've been running as pet project for the last 7 years helped by incredible volunteers who were able to donate time and expertise and when I could afford it, paying for developers to fix bugs and add bits and pieces ...

To those who have donated money, time, energy, effort and sweat to this project, I humbly thank you.

I know CamStudio has its shortfalls: bugs, glitches, long gaps between updates etc. I read the forum posts and the emails and whilst I wish I could wave a magic wand and have them 'done and dusted', it's difficult to put pressure on volunteer coders who have their own work to do to pay their bills to get them to 'add this' or 'fix that' ...

So it's become plain to me that CamStudio as great as it is, needs a regular amount of time and money invested into it to be able realize its full potential so with CamStudio v2.7 onwards, I'll be running a limited test of an ad-supported installer similar to those used on Firefox, Java and uTorrent.

If you've never seen these before, during the regular installation process you are given the option to install a free piece of software and if you do, CamStudio earns a commission.

This commission will help to enable us to fund constant, focused development so we can deliver a fully-featured screen recorder free of charge and hopefully, even help support other open-source projects.

You are under no obligation to install any software offered - simply deselect it, *carefully* confirm your decision not to install the software and carry on with the CamStudio installation as usual.

If you choose to install the software and later want to uninstall it, go to Add and Remove Programs (XP) or Programs and Features (Vista and Win7) and simply uninstall it.

Nothing, I repeat NOTHING will be installed on your machine without your consent.

All companies advertising via the installer have to maintain EULA, privacy policy and Terms of Service to promote their offers and nobody at CamStudio nor the advertising company track personal identity information of users nor do we assist third parties to do so.

Obviously we do not have *direct* control over third party programs installed onto your computer via the installer, but if any installed software is found out *not* to cleanly uninstall, we'll work with you to figure out how to do it and then post instructions on the forum for everyone else to use.

If you are of the coding persuasion, you will be able to continue download the latest source code via Sourceforge and build CamStudio using Visual Studio as usual.

If you have any questions or comments post away ...

I value all feedback whether positive or negative and I hope you'll continue to use the new and ever-improving CamStudio in the weeks and months to come ...




  • well done and thanks :)
  • I haven't used this software previously but I am looking forward to trying it with the new release. This looks like it will fit my screen capture needs perfectly.
  • Can't wait - current version works well for me but new features sound great! Thank you!
  • Sorry for the delay guys, 2.7 will be with you ASAP ...
  • CamStudio 2.7 is now available to download from the CamStudio homepage.

    Cheers and thanks for your patience.

    Nick :)
  • edited February 2013
    Using ads to bring in revenue is understandable. I had issues with the installer. I unchecked the option to install the free software offering. After that a misleading button asked me if I wanted to agree to the terms for some coupon offering. I distinctly remember declining. I finished installign the software and found it installed anyways. I had to uninstall it after the install. This is going to back fire big time.
  • Ugh... Maybe the wording can be changed to make it clearer. Unchecking the "agree to terms" box on the add-on page is what makes the add-on NOT install, but it reads making one possibly think they have to check that box to allow CamStudio to install.

  • @GusD, can you post the name of the application that you had the issue with and I will investigate.

    I tested one installation with DealPly and had no problems with that.


    Nick :)
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