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Need help with Visual Click Feedback

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Has anybody used the Visual Click Feedback?

It seems like the opacity needs to be turned up. You can barely see it.

If you look real hard, you can see it here:

Has anybody had this problem? It would make a really nice feature.


  • I guess there is a price for Vimeo free hosting. You have to go to their website to watch it in high definition.
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    Give us the URL if you can. Wait - I'll try to convert your vid to a URL.

    Click Here For Video at Vimeo

  • It looks like your program's cursors are overriding the ones CamStudio is trying to superimpose.

  • Is there a way to correct that?

    I was thinking that the transparency needed to have more opacity.
  • I wonder if un-checking the "record transparency layers" (Or whatever its called - don't have the program open in front of me here) from the Options/Program Options area would help?

  • Thanks Terry,
    That did make it more prominent. But it still seems a little bit too translucent. Also, I lost the high definition option at Vimeo.
    Is that the trade off for unclicking this option?
    Quality suffers greatly.
    Is there anything else you can think of that may help? It seems so close.

  • Hmmm - the only thing that should define high-def would be the screen dimensions (minimum 1280X720, I believe). Odd - give it another try ensuring the dimensions are right.

  • I checked the dimensions, and it was good to go. I uploaded the video again,
    I should know in about a half hour.
  • Same thing. I will have to redo the capture. Getting late tonight, so it something to do for tomorrow.
  • I believe I know what's going on now. I turned down the frame rate to 30 frames per second. Now I can see the visual click feedback, very good.
    But now everything seems to be going very slow. Instead of it being one minute 15 seconds long, it is eight minutes 10 seconds long.

    I looked at the properties,
    and the video data rate was 16 kbs.
    According to what I read on Vimeo, it should be 5000 kbs.

    How can I change the video data rate in CamStudio?
    I'm using the x264 codec.
  • What are the rest of the settings you are using?

    Try setting Capture Frames Every to 40 milliseconds and Playback Rate to 25 fps. That will hold good audio sync for you. Use PCM or check "Use MCI to record" in the audio.


  • Hi Terry,
    I don't use the audio, I'm getting used to using the layouts.
    I don't really like the sound of my voice. I have a small speech impediment.
    Plus, it keeps the file size down.

    I'm thinking about designing my own layouts, for the software that I am demonstrating.
    Everything I have been doing, is getting used to CamStudio.

    It's a little buggy, but it seemed like a good application. Hopefully in the next version
    these little bugs will be fixed.
    I understand that 2.7 is just around the corner. Can't wait to try it out.

    The milliseconds is what's confusing me. I'm not sure what to set the keyframes for either. I would like to keep the playback frame rate at 30.
    I'm getting the feeling that the video data rate is dependent on the captured frames,
    and the keyframes. Is that correct?

    I was shocked to learn there was 1000 ms in one second. I was thinking there was 100.
    If I'm not mistaking, in most applications the capture frame rate values are in seconds.

    If it's working the way I think it is. I'm going to have to do some math.

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    First, understand what "Set Keyframes Every" is doing - a "Keyframe" is a capture of the entire frame or window. In-between keyframes, the program only captures what has changed - that is, what pixel values that have changes to them. So, the more often you capture a keyframe, the larger the file size becomes, since it is getting more full-frames more often. For tutorial videos, I capture full keyframes only every 200 frames. But that can have a side-effect of making "seeking" a bit more coarse (that is, when you click the progress bar to jump to a spot ahead, there are less fine-grained places where it will load, since the player will only load at full keyframe positions.) We used to say every 30 frames was good, but probably you can get by with a conservative 100 for that setting. However, Ken (bmoreken) has suggested that 200 - the highest CamStudio can set it at - is actually conservative for Xvid and x.264. They use more like 300 and upwards!

    Capture Frames Every (millisecond) determines how often it captures a frame or snapshot of your screen at all - whether a keyframe OR in-between frame. That number should work out so that when multiplied by the playback rate it sums to 1000 ideally, for audio sync to work, but in your case without sound it is not so critical. The lower this number is, the more often it will look at your screen to capture it. Keep in mind that capturing too often cuts into your computer's ability to run other applications at the same time.

    The playback rate in your case can be set to 30fps without worrying about audio sync, since you don't record sound. That is what YouTube prefers. But if recording sound, some setting that works with the Capture Frames Every setting to sum to 1000 is more ideal. Our new default in 2.7 will be Capture Frames Every 50 milliseconds with a playback rate of 20, but CFE-40 PBR 25 gives even smoother results for recording full-motion stuff like games.

    I hope that helps! And yes, milli means 1000th! The capture frame rate can never be in seconds, as you now will understand from my description above. Unless, of course, you are doing time-lapse work!

  • Hi Terry,
    Thanks, that gave me a good idea of how things are working. I had the key frames set too low. I turned them back up to 200, the milliseconds to 50, and the playback rate to 30.
    I can see the visual click feedback, clear as a bell.

    For some reason, Vimeo doesn't want to recognize the video file as HD.
    Best I can figure, is Vimeo wants the video file to have a bit rate of 3000 to 5000 kbs.
    to classify it as high definition.

    Vimeo Upload

    The file size is small. So I thought about putting it into a zip file.
    Hope this works.

    2MB zip

    It looks good on this end. So I'm hoping it looks good on that end also.

  • I don't get it - why does Vimeo fuzz-out your sharp video so badly? I'd love to hear whether it is the bit rate as you suggest.

  • The reason I thought that, was every time at the end of a upload. They would point me to this:

    Recommended encoding settings

    When I was looking for these recommendations, I run across this:

    Basic account

    On a Basic Account, you're only allowed one HD upload a week.
    Good way of getting people to upgrade to the Plus package.

    BTW, how does the video in the zip file look?

  • Great! That's why I was puzzled about the quality of the Vimeo upload.

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