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CamStudio 2.7 Web Installer Issues

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We're getting reports of issues with the web-installer freezing during installation.

Just to let you know we're aware and are trying to fix the problem now.

Thanks for your patience.


Nick :(


  • If you're having issues with CS 2.7 installer freezing during installation, please post a screenshot or link to one along with your OS version (eg Windows 7 64-bit SP1)


  • I'm having this problem -- install consistently freezes at 93%. I would post a screengrab but this forum doesn't appear to support attachments. But, it likely would not help anyway -- there is no error message, the installer simply hangs at 93%. I'm on Win 7 Professional, 64-bit, SP 1 v6.1.7607.
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    We think we've fixed the installer:

    [ LINK AMENDED - Use new clean homepage download ]

    Download this then reinstall ...

    Post below with your results.


    Nick :)
  • That did it! I got a missing config file error message on first startup, but the program seems to work fine and didn't give an error on the second startup. Thanks!
  • I spoke too soon. On the first startup, with the config file error, the app worked. However, when I restarted it although I got a UI, neither video or audio recording appear to work either in AVI or SWF format.
  • @sdavy

    What are your video and audio (mic) options?


    Options > Program Options > Hide flashing rectangle ... = unchecked
    Options > Program Options > Save Settings on Exit = checked
    Options > Program Options > Directory for recording = Use application installed directory OR Use User Specified Directory = checked

    You might also need to run CamStudio as an Administrator on your machine depending on if you logon to your computer with an account with User privileges.


    Nick :)
  • Well, not sure if those settings or a reboot were the solution, but now seems to be working OK. :)

    One more minor issue -- mic volume is at system max but records way too low, and the "Volume" button in the audio options doesn't appear to work (doesn't do anything on my system anyway). Any other way to boost mic record volume?
  • Heh... See where I just answered that question! :-)

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