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Avira identifies CamStudio as Adware and blocks it from installation

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Why is this?


  • Because it IS Adware (to pay for future development of CamStudio by hiring some more programmers), but we were given the understanding that it came with the option for the end-user to opt-out of installing the advertised software. However, people are having problems with this installer, so stay tuned. If you un-check the box on the advertised offer page, nothing but CamStudio should be installed.

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    @Rhynedahll, @TerryBritton is correct - you have the choice to install or not install the free software offered to you during the installation process.

    If you deselect the offer, nothing will be installed on your system.


    Nick :)
  • Actually, my Microsoft Securities Essentials also disallowed its download. I had to go around my security software to even download... let alone install. Once the installer file was downloaded, I was able to install OK... opting in or out of the extra software at will.

  • Hi @Harold - we're aware of this and trying to fix it.

    Hopefully it'll be done soon ...

    Cheers and thanks for taking the time to post

    Nick :)
  • Just a FYI, I've temporarily removed the ad-supported installer from the homepage and replaced it with a standard installing version until I can get more clarity on exactly what's happening ...


    Nick :)
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