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New computer, same camstudio settings - worse quality

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I have been using camstudio (2.0 version) for a good year on my old computer.
A few days ago I received a new computer, I used the same codec and applied the same settings to camstudio, and the quality of the files is absolutely horrid (it lags and freezes).

My old computer was running amd x2 5000+, 2 gig ram, win xp. New one: amd fx 8350, 16 gb ram, win 8

I have also tried camstudio on my relatively new laptop with i3 2300, 4gig ram, win 7, and the quality of the files are worse than on my old computer, but better than those I get on the new one, with the same codec and settings applied.

The codec I have been using is the Divx 6. 9. 2 codec.

I noticed that the number of logical cpus differs:
Old one had dual core processor, it says "2 logical cpus"
New one has 8 core, it says "8 logical cpus". You get the idea....

Not sure if these things are of importance but I'm leaving the info here anyway.

I should also add that I have tried the lates camstudio version, and I have tried playing with the configurations, but with no luck, the quality is still crap.

I'm thinking the different operative systems may be the reason, but I am not sure...

Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • Well, the video subsystems may be different with the drivers for your cards and how they interact with the internal system, but that should not in any way lead to the quality becoming crappy.

    Have you tried Xvid or x.264 yet to compare? Divx has given me so many problems with CamStudio over the last two years that although I own a pro license, I never use it any longer... it's always something with that darn codec! I notice they don't even sell the pro version anymore... makes you wonder.

    Let me know if you get to test other codecs on that machine.

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    Thanks for the input.

    I have tried the Xvid codec, but it doesn't seem to work. Camstudio freezes and a new window pops up when I hit the record button.

    I'm trying to run the exe file for x264 but It wont even install on my computer.
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    The latest tutorials on 2.7 show settings that work well for me on Xvid, so give that a look. Also, you likely needed to uncheck the "Show encoding status window" item under "more options" at the bottom of Xvid's dialog so that window would not pop up.

    You sure are having all the problems possible! I hope it starts to smooth out for you soon. Let me know of your progress. I'll help you get this sorted out eventually however I can.

    - whole tutorial - starting at Xvid portion

  • Thank you very much. It works now.
    I think I will just stick with the 2.0 version, as the later versions don't seem to work well on my computer.

  • The later versions, from what I understand, are really just the 2.0 version with a few added features and 2.7 introduces several GUI bug-fixes, but 2.0 is still a good standby, that's for sure! (also, if you start 2.7 first, you can start up 2.0 and record yourself recording if that ever becomes a need...)

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