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Can not resize Swf. file recorded by Camstudio in high quality

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Dear pros,

I used Camstudio/ Record to SWF to record the screen, when i open the flash file it is so good but when i resize the window are presenting the file, the quality of the file becoming so so so so baddddd.

Even when i attach this file into powerpoint, the same problem happen, it made me crazy.

You can download it from the following address:
Pls help me to fix this trouble.


  • Have you tried re-coding it using something like MediaCoder FLV edition?

    It is best to size a video to the size you desire in the end-use, from what I understand.

  • hiii Terrry,

    Thanks a lot for your recommendation, but it did not gonna work with my .swf file record by Camstudio,

    Do you have any software or any instruction on how to record the screen then the out put is swf file (but not too large size).

    Pls help me.

    Thanks again,
  • My rule of thumb is to record an AVI first, and then convert it with a superior converter over the CamStudio built-in one, such as MediaCoder FLV edition.

    I do not know what you can do with a pre-existing recording of an FLV, but perhaps someone will come along who does know.

  • This is unlikely, but by any chance do you have the menu item Options/Record to Flash Options/Delete the intermediate AVI file upon completion un-checked?

    If so, the AVI version of your video should still exist in the temp folder you designated. (CamStudio actually records an AVI first, and then converts that to an SWF.)

    If that AVI exists, you can re-purpose it at a different size using MediaCoder FLV edition or some other.

  • hi Terry Britton

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion, I have just install CamStudio Lossless Codec v1.5 (optional)

    And it does work better on swf. video quality.

    But even when i set the highest level for Codec, the video still get a small problem with the smooth.

    do you have any better codec.

    Thank you very much.
  • edited February 2013
    Better than lossless? Are you joking with me? 8-O

    Well, there IS a better lossless - called Lagarith Lossless :-)

    As always, get the 32-bit version for it to work with CamStudio, a 32-bit program...

    With audio, your record length should be kept at maximum to 9 minutes or so capturing 1280X720 -- otherwise ANY lossless codec will go over the 2Gigabyte file size limit and crash CamStudio. Without audio, run some tests and see what your upper limit is.

    From this point, though, as with any lossless codec, the quality of the conversion will depend upon your settings when you make the conversion.

    I'd recommend recording in AVI, then re-sizing using VirtualDub 32-bit so it will see all your 32-bit codecs,

    and then convert to FLV/SMF using a high-quality converter like those mentioned in this article I wrote a while back:

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