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Windows 8

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I downloaded and installed your product on my Windows 8 laptop. It seemed to install OK, but had an error message that I sent earlier. Then when I tried to use it, it wouldn't record and several of the features didn't seem to work.
Is there any plan to make it compatible? Any idea when that might occur?


  • I have it working on a Windows 8 machine, and everything works. Could you update me with what that error message is again?

  • When I installed it, the error was something about how the config was not found. I'm sorry, I didn't record it other than in the discussion box I submitted.

    When I start it now, it states the same error I got starting it before, "NOTE: CamStudio could not record the AVI file using the current compressor. Use default compressor? Yes No."

    I've tried clicking Yes, repeatedly. The CamStudio box contracts like it got the message, and goes back to normal size, but the same error message returns each time until I click No.

    I just went in and manually changed the Options | Video Options to Microsoft Video 1 and it seems to have recorded something. But I have no idea how to play it back or make it include audio or motion on the screen.
  • BTW, it's probably obvious, but I'm a newbie.
  • Yes, it is obvious... ;-)

    That message comes when you try to select a region that is not an even-numbered width AND height for an MPEG-4 based codec, usually. It is best to use the "Select" tool in the Fixed region choice and then correct the numbers to be both even and divisible by 2. Then you'll probably no longer experience that problem.

    Some codecs are not as picky, MS Video One being one of those (neither is CamStudio Lossless, but you'll be constrained in how long a video you can make with either of those as they don't compress all that much.)

  • There are some videos I've put up at YouTube that detail most of the pitfalls new users run into. They are a little long, but that's because all the common troubles are addressed in one place. You'll benefit from watching them and taking that time, I assure you. It will save you time and frustration in the future.

  • Yeah, I have it working on my windows 8 machine for the most part too, but even then I'm having some confusing audio issues. I get the whole WaveoutGetSelectControl() failed thing, and I tried to follow the FAQ instructions to no avail. I activated my Stereo Mix card and set it as my default, however it never appeared under the list of "cards" avalible in the speakers options. I also tried to have the card "listen" to my speakers since I could select it through the microphone options and I tried recording through it that way. When I stopped the recording though, It gave me an error about missing audio or something (unsure, I don't exactly remember that one) and I couldnt save the vid.
  • Nevermind! I got the audio working. Little echoey and kinda quiet and a bit of backrgound noise, but something is better than nothing :3
  • when will it be made officially compatible with windows 8 ?
  • and if i make a donation to you is there a way i can choose what my money goes to like the have for Linux?
  • Heh... dream on as to the Linux port!

    You're stuck with the usual recorders for Linux for now. (I've never gotten as flexible a result, and the ones that use ogg for audio really make the vids un-useable elsewhere.)

    However, it is already 'officially' compatible with Windows 8 - as long as it works!

    What problems are you having with Windows 8 currently?

  • TJP12409,

    Mess with the gain-staging to clean up the audio signal path. Pull down the speaker volume and push the Stereo Mix input to max. The speaker volume setting is what delivers the signal to the Stereo Mix inputs, and that slider is amplifying the signal, so keep it low, like around 20 or 30 maximum.

    The waveout error comes from trying to use the "Record from Speakers" option, which stopped working on MOST machines several years ago. Stereo Mix is our only hope now for most of us.

  • the same as the other guy just i way to derpey to find out how to fix it but ill keep on trying and see what happens. me and my friends were going to use it for our youtube channel. i maybe can get on of them to help me with it as im just getting in to pc gaming but they are not new to it.
  • I've got it working fine with Xvid 32-bit version on a 64-bit Windows 8 with audio through Stereo Mix plus a microphone input. (See the vid below) So, I know it works. But certain games may not play well even if you had XP or Win7.

    I'll make a video next week where I go through and show all the Windows 8 settings I use.


  • Well, that video was helpful... I think. I'm gonna have to watch thaht a few more times to make sure I have everything right :P

    Anywho, thanks for the video, it gives me a good idea of what I need to do to get things working.
  • Let me know how it goes!

  • Okay, more or less :I The sound is a bit quiet (both mic and system) So I may just end up recording only system and using audacity to record my voice (or the other way around, I dunno) and stitch the 2 together in some movie software.
  • Keep the speaker volume around 30 and push the Stereo Mix volume up all the way to avoid overloading the input channels to Stereo Mix.

    You may need to boost the mic (from an "Advanced" button if there is one) to get better mic volume.

  • Thanks, I had stereo mix maxed out already. Ill try boosting my mic and toying with some other things.
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