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I'm back - mfc100.dll is missing from your system - windows 8 64 bit

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In my computer win 7, camstudio was working
after upgrade to 8, camstudio 2.0 says - playplus MFC application as stopped working happens after saving record and trying to play.

Then I downloaded 2.7 new release in your web site, it even do not run, it says
The program can't start because mfc100.dll is missing from your computer.

Pls help help help.....I urgently need to record something......



  • 264 ffdshow works, but few things

    a) it can not open the configuration
    b) it cannot play back in player 2.0 ???

    Pls help, much appreiciated.
  • Are you telling me you fixed the mfc100.dll issue? If so, how did you do it?

    The 32-bit version of ffdshow should be working ok. (You cannot use 64-bit codecs with CamStudio, btw). Not sure what's up. I just got a Windows 8 machine and will install CamStudio so I can try to replicate these issues over the next few days.

  • Yes, it is fixed. The C++ library has to be 32 bit. that fixed it
    fddshow works.

    But, on the same machine, no change, your camstudio 2.0 is way better than new release.....BTW, I'm on windows 8, 64 bit box .....only issues I have so far is

    a) with fddshow x264 lossless codec, it is 12meg for 1 min video....going to frame persecond around 6 to 7 fps at res of 1200 by 900

    b) your player 2.0 did not work, in both 2.0 version and old version ; so, I had to use 1.0 player.....

    c) I want to raise around 10fps......

    This box is just 4 core cpu .......

    I have hp laptop, i7, windows 7. It works 2.0, with same codec - ffdshow lossless x264, I can take the full screen resolution at 32 bit, at around 9 to 10fps.....

    My goal : pls help me

    a)HOw do I play my recordings in player 2.0
    b) I want to squeeze more of MB size and increase the fps higher with same resolution, I have a feeling that fps is related to your processor speed + number of cores + graphic much ........basically how fast the computer can do codec in higher frame rate......

    let me know......

    thanks for getting back me.......
  • I obtained a radical FPS speed increase by forcing my monitor to 16-bit color in the control panel. I made a video comparing 32-bit color vs 16-bit color - here it is:

    I only use Xvid, so I haven't run tests with other codecs. Please do share whatever you discover!


  • Hey guys .... that input rate is entirely consistent with the ffdshow x264 lossless. It’s simply not usable with Cam and should be replaced with MPEG-4 or x264. Making sure that all unnecessary programs are shut down and maybe trying the 16 bit display may help a bit, but this is somewhat like doing fine tuning on my old ‘87 Toyota junker - definitely not worth it.

  • Ken,

    Whoa - I had no idea ffdshow's x264 lossless was such a bomb. Thanks for the info!

    Terry (...still an Xvid addict - I really must branch out a little someday!)
  • My guess is that there’s not a lot of branching out left to do. Xvid works well, and so does x264, and that’s about it. Perhaps x264 is a bit easier to use, because there’s basically one setting to be concerned with on the codec interface, and after that, it’s something of a “point and shoot”. The UT video codec might have some use if there’s actually a legitimate reason to use a lossless, but I haven’t found any obvious advantages that I can identify.

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    Which x.264 should I get?

    I got the x264vfw installed already.

  • That’s the one. Just do the following settings:

    Basic/preset - Ultrafast
    Rate Control - Single pass (CRF)
    Ratefactor - 23.0

    That’s all there is to do. The CamStudio settings which work with Xvid seem to work about the same way with x264.

  • Thanks! I'll give it a whirl!

  • Can someone go through an explanation of how the title of this topic issue,
    mfc100.dll missing is fixed in simple terms. I'm in xp, just downloaded Camstudio
    latest release (2.7?) and after install, clicking on the start program icon, all that happens
    is the error message about the missing mfc100.dll, so basically, it hasn't worked yet at all. I tried to delete and reinstall, does exactly the same thing. If this thread explains how to fix it, it'll take a more step by step "dumbed down" explanation for me.
  • See

    2.7 needs the 2010 version. You likely have the 2008 version.

  • Thanks. I'm away from my home machine currently. I'll attempt it this evening.

    Just wonder if this will do what I'm hoping, which is, capture of some pan and look around views in a google sketch up interior architectural model for our church's proposed new sound system.
  • I believe it will perform that task perfectly for you.

  • Thanks for getting me through this issue.

    It is up and running now. I did have an issue on minimizing which I noticed someone previously commented on. I got 6 views (near duplicates of current and proposed systems). I went and checked the file properties. Each of these ~ 30 second captures is around a 300 Meg size file. Is that typical? Can I do anything to reduce the file size
    without sacrificing too much of the quality? These are just slow panning views.

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    Which codec did you decide upon using? The entirety of this thread above after covering the mfc100 issue covers further optimizing. Here are links to the codecs discussed.


    Here is another video:

  • Likely you do not require a lossless codec, btw.

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