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Recording several games, and not others

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I'm using CamStudio to record different computer games I ran over an not-so-terrific system.
It works fine with GTA IV and Need For Speed:Shifts, but for an unknown reason (to me (-:),
I cannot record Call Of Duty:Black-Ops 2. The recording comes out as a black screen on which you can only see the cursor moving.
I tried it on a different computer (better configuration) - same results.
Also tried in "Windowed" mode, which didn't help (I'm not sure he actually ran it on a window mode... maybe it's impossible to run such a game in that mode, or maybe I did something wrong, or maybe the Steam platform interferes).

I would really appreciate any guidance, after failing in finding relevant data on the support forum (the questions always depict this problem as occurring in all the recordings, and in my case - it's only one game).

I should probably mention I'm running on Windows 7.



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    They must use layered textures or their own video delivery system (basically bypassing the systems video drivers and using their own sub-system).

    Sometimes un-checking "capture translucent windows" works, but if the replacement sub-system scenario is the reason, that cannot be gotten around with this program, as it pulls its data from the system stream.

    You could try "tricking" it by forcing your system into 16-bit color - the game may be forced to use the system video in that case.


    PS - I show how to change the color depth in this video:

  • Hey Terry,
    Thanks for the swift reply!

    I tried unchecking "translucent", as well as downgrading the color scheme to 16-bit...
    unfortunately, neither helped.

    Is there any other option you can think of?

  • They must be using a different delivery system. I'm not at all aware of any ways to get around that.

  • Well, thanks for trying!
    we'll have to come up with alternative solution to screen-capture.
  • Actually, I have one suggestion that may work. Turn off all Windows advanced features from the System control panel in the Advanced Settings section, accessed by clicking the "Performance" button. That may help.

    In your video card's own control panel, see if you can control interlacing or other features (3d, overlay modes, etc.) that could be affecting your display.

  • Hey Terry,
    Missed your last suggestions - Thanks again.
    However... It didn't solve the problem.

    Thanks for trying!
  • Oh well -- I wonder what is causing this???

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