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Can't get it to track the mouse properly (remote Desktop)

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Hey there,

I'm building a new intranet solution for the company I work for.
Part of it is that we want to create educational videos about how to use their ERP software properly using camstudio.

Our idea was that we wanted to install camstudio on a server (windows server 2008) that has the ERP software installed, so I could just go to whoever I want to record a video with, connect to the server via remote desktop and have everything set up.

Problem is that camstudio somehow only records the mouse when I click, not when it moves. It's though the mouse was jumping around the place in the final video. Increasing the framerate etc. doesn't help either.
I noticed that it got better once I lowered the resolution (though recording at 800x600 really isn't workable). Could it be that the server simply isn't powerful enough to handle camstudio? Or is remote desktop the culprit?

Hope you can help me,



  • Michael,

    Though not entirely certain, I would point to Remote Desktop as being the culprit, as its method of polling the updates on the position of the mouse may not be being reported to the system hooks CamStudio is getting that info from.

    Basically RD is building its own subsystem layered on top of the regular one, so it is more like watching a video of the other desktop screen with mouse position sensing being sent there for control.

    That is my understanding of how RD works, though things may be different with your arrangement. Still, I'm surprised CamStudio is not capturing it as video content - I can only suppose that it is a layering complication where the RD is getting mouse info to the screen by a method which CamStudio obviously cannot see.

    I'm pretty certain CamStudio is NOT running its processes on the server but actually on the local machine. If that were the case, you would experience some messy lag times all over the place.

    Still, I could be all wet (it has happened before!) I'll ask Nick for some input here.

  • Thanks in advance!

    What do you mean by Camstudio running on the local machine, not on the server? I've installed it on the server and am controlling it using RD. Am I missing something?

  • Nick is going to bring this up with the programmer. My thinking was that you were running this program using the server's resources ("on the server") to record a local screen. Is that correct? And that you are remote-controlling CamStudio from the local machine to record that local machine, correct?

    Here's where I'm wondering where the capture may be getting confused, so to speak. If the remote CamStudio is capturing the local machine, it is saving its recording on the remote server's temp directory while recording. That is true if the recorder is actually running its processes on the server. No, wait - I'm lost. The data stream would be capturing the server's video in that case.

    Could you clarify this scenario again for me? I think I've confused myself!

  • I have camstudio and the program I want to record running on the server. I am remote controlling the server, so everything is happening on it.

    My idea was that I could just go to whatever employee I want to record with, without having to set up anything on their machine. I just RD into the server.

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    That is interesting - and reminded me of having seen this type of activity (the mouse cursor disappearing) when a friend was remote-controlling my machine quite a while back. I was watching what they did, but the mouse cursor would not show the smooth motion of getting from one place to another, but would "jump" to where they were clicking. I wonder if CamStudio is simply recording that - by which I mean, is it recording what it does actually see on the screen? Can you arrange to be sitting at the server while another remote-controls that machine via RD?

  • I'm afraid I can't as it's located where we are :/
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